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Your racing Jorgan?
He’s a good swimmer…?!

He’s a Southerner …!?
I’m with you… chase him down

Look forward to the report…

It’s a fast course, but it’s going to batter down ?

Hope you both have a great race


You’d be way quicker than 26kph POet.

I just looked back at my (only) Im in Wales in 2013 and i averaged 27.8kph for a 6.29 split. And i’m a sh!te cyclist and was on a crappy road bike.

Bolton isn’t significantly slower than Tenby is it?

The three people who I’ve spoke to who have done both courses say Bolton’s slower.
By how much we will find out in a few weeks.

Yes. A bit of Strava stalking shows people are a bit quicker at Tenby - but the sea swim and huge T1 put me off Tenby (plus the run up the steps!)

I wonder why they’ve made it harder. I mean, I was joking about the iconic bit; it’s never going to be a Tenby, Nice or Lanza is it. It’s in Bolton.


probably some nonsense with road closures, maybe with the flak they took last year because of them setting off wildfires to deliberately ruin peoples races they have a better plan B with this new course. who knows, but Im never gonna race there so it doesnt matter to me :wink:

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moi aussi

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Might not be massively different in previous years on Strava stalking, but this years course is significantly slower.

Poet - I reckon there’ll be a course change again before next year. Already met people who have withdrawn this year for the £100 refund, or deferred in hope of course change. Seems overly negative to me, but suppose if don’t feel motivated to do it then fair enough.

Put off entering Bolton for years. That’s got to be some bike route if it’s slower than Tenby. Did Wales in 2017 and managed 28 kph average off of 250 watts with strong gusts and pissing rain

Tenby is an amazing race, I loved it from start to finish & the best from the 3 I’ve done so far (Austria, Italy & Wales).

I’d booked Austria (which is also cool) before I did Wales last year & I wouldn’t have if i’d know how good Wales is. I think the toughness is over done (maybe I was lucky with the weather) it doesn’t hurt any more than the others just a little longer but the support & the atmosphere is on a different level.

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Lat year the ‘average final qualifier’ was the same 10:14 in my (40-44) AG for both Wales & Bolton

Agreed. Loved Wales, best long distance race I’ve done so far

Foggy came 11 th and top AG at Lanza
Be interesting to see how he does at Bolton.
With no pros big chance for the win for an unpaid athlete.


Is that right? Bolton only had a 95 miles bike course last year?

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Yes, late course change due to wild fires on Winter Hill (the hill Sheephouse Lane goes over)

I know. My point was that everyone is going on about how this years course is going to make it slower than Wales. Therefore, in the past it must have been considered faster. A faster bike course, that’s 17 miles short, plus from what I understand has a much faster run, doesn’t seem to compute with equivalent KQ times?

The reason for similar KQ times when Tenby was tougher course, is because you get a deeper field at Tenby - people coming over from Europe to get an early KQ. Standard goes up.

But with nearly 30k less riding?! Even going some, that’s worth 40-45mins!

I think Bolton is only done by IMJers.