It’s culture wars gone mad (wots woke now ?)

“Mr Westwood described a meeting with the club as something out of the Soviet Union”


“If that was Kim Kardashian twerking it would’ve been fine”


He’s actually got a point there. :flushed:


“This alone was a big risk as 27-year-old Grace’s only previous major acting role was in the box-office flop In The Heights, a ‘musical drama’ made by woke hero Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind the musical Hamilton.”

They really have lost it haven’t they?


‘For those that are able to, please stand for the national anthem…’

Everything’s so careful not to offend

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not sure why it would shock anybody…

I actually think that’s a nice touch.


I don’t think it’s a new thing either :man_shrugging:t2:


Indeed it is…but that’s not the point…

the point is when it is not said for whatever reason* and people take offence on behalf of those who they think should be offended…

that’s where woke fell down…

(*The exception is when it is done out of malice…and even then, there is a however…)

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What about if you’re an anarchist?

Do anarchists get offended?

‘Please stand for the national anthem if you’re able to… or if you don’t own a sex pistols record’ lol

then you’re just unable, which is fine.

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I am Woke because I am pro cycling, and don’t want to be mown down by entitled non-woke drivers

I am woke because I don’t eat pork pies while racing

I am woke because I enjoy eating vegetables and fruit

I am woke because I don’t think that parent should smack their kids

I am woke because I am pro immigration

I am woke because I am a lib dem / Green party supporter

I am woke, because I guess I am just Woke, I should embrace it and not take it as an insult.


I vote LD, but still refer to people as c***s…so there’s that.


I don’t know. ‘Chaps’ is sufficiently old fashioned enough to confuse people who want to get offended, and also confuse the un-woke into thinking you might be one of them, so they usually give up and move on before deciding what the deuce just happened.

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I loved the contradiction of the anti establishment cultures who then establish a culture…

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That’s culture baby - it’s reactive


I don’t think anyone is saying woke is an insult

That’s why it’s so shit now. All the kids are in the gym

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