Kempton Slim's Revisited

It’s a little early in the week…but time to start as we mean to go on…

a bottle of Barolo, please…

Post club run recovery pint here.
God knows what it is but at least it’s not awful.

Just a warning Bayliss is hungry so no funny business or you’ll be fighting the honey badgers

A free pint of red to the first response

Free pint you say :blush:


free pint, served by Bayliss

good oh…i will just stand well back…

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Don’t drink much these days - especially with my ‘A’ race tomorrow - so some of your finest sparkling water please, with a slice of lime and cucumber. In the evening, I might require a Seedlip and Tonic…

Trail run/Ultra?

Trail half marathon in darkest Essex

Today for one day only we have the return of the Your All Gay Karaoke. Winner gets to feed the honey badgers

all of Essex is darkest…

It was excellent - except for the hailstorm - I didn’t need that.

no one does…

I got kicked out of the old pub, got told to come here for a free pint.

None of that Fullers shit.

Give me a pint of Bermondsey’s finest craft ale

We’ve got some Brockley Brewery Ales on today. Decent local south London beer

I’m not venturing that far south of the river, I’m not an animal!

Try this howling hops double chocolate coffee toffee milk stout. Put hairs on your chest.

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Tonight the yourallgay karaoke is back. We have a special for @explorerJC tonight, house red on tap served by the stein

about bl00dy time… :slight_smile: