Kempton Slim's Revisited

What’s on this lunchtime?
Any table beers by the half?


The 90s wants its pint back.

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You’ve come to a 90’s pub

Serving up some US-based craft brew here, right now. Anyone game?

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Always happy to help out in these situations…

I’ll take 2

What the actual f*** happened to the honey badgers?

Climate change has driven them into OCR

I’ve kept them locked out back after they killed TransitionTed. Or was that his wife after he bought another dud. I couldn’t take the risk though. I may let them out for a one time only special.

It’s fair to say that the bottom has fallen out of the second hand car market since Ted’s demise…as it it did with most of his cars…

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Can I have a pre-run sharpener please?
It’s a lovely morning, but I seem to be going down the rabbit hole of some saddo triathlon message board…