Kona 2021

The tech is at least reliable, as it is just a straight up medical sensor that’s pretty much essential to millions, so that differs a bit to other sports devices measuring stuff.

If the app, and the value of monitoring while you exercise is there I’m more unsure what actionable info you can really get, it seems to me pretty odd to have got to a stage where eating can be got so considerably wrong…

and that brings us full circle back to crappy American led saturation marketing, only for shit food this time…

So how does this Sapiens stuff square-up to equivalent medical kits? Is it essentially the same hardware, but with sports targeted software and marketing? What’s the price difference.

It’s cheaper hardware than the continuous ones I think, I don’t think it does full on real time readings that the continuos kits with a pump does, so there’s some difference / money saved in that part, but not much, actually, looks like 4 quid a day for sapiens, 5 quid + VAT for the medtronic CGM with pump, that already syncs with the garmin, guess you’d have to work out what to do yourself, and guess you pay VAT if you’re using it for sport… And throw out the pump too, although I guess you could use it, just need to not hear the doorbell if anti-doping turn up.

Coming to a MAMIL near you soon. We must be close to the stage where there are so many wearables we will end up with one and done triathletes with about 10 different bands on their arms, what with WHOOP, This, Garmin, apple watch so you can have live tracking , your livestrong band.


I’m not racing unless my drone is allowed to live track and follow me, streaming to my YT channel. Harrumph.

Actually, if we brought our own drones we could shop others (and ourselves) to the marshalls for drafting fairly easily.


they were on about tech using drones and GPS for draft busting in some article I read somewhere, although currently problem with GPS is that the signals would need to be almost continuous stream to a satellite not just pinging it every x seconds.

Hmm, not sure why they’d need GPS but I’d agree it’s the wrong tech for the job.

If the camera isn’t enough you could add range finder tech and Pythagorean logic to get your 12m or whatever the rules are.

GPS was for exact measure, drone as the referees eyes

I think the biggest issue is the battery life of minutes!

Half an hour I think for domestic units.

Maybe they should’ve been sponsored by Predator Corp