Kona 22

Lovato ‘only’ came 6th iirc. But he is actually more amusing and self effacing than Welch.

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But without Welch and Dede who will provide the advice like:

  • making sure you get the blood back into your legs as you get out of the water
  • that cadence is too fast and will hurt
  • they shouldn’t be cycling with their toes pointing so far down
  • that’s great chin position on the run

That’s practically a triathlon coaching course right there.


Paul Groves is the best commentator for getting the names spot on. A very accomplished multi lingual host and a loss to officials team when he retired


But you have to love Rob Hatch and Italian names; talk about over egging it!


Hatch’s Spanish pronunciation is really good, he even goes with regional variations where some sounds are quite different to what you might expect.

Rob Hatch is a total bore off. Yes he gets the pronunciation right but then he really over eggs the regional dialect and reckons it’s a ‘mark of respect’.

Interestingly, I’ve never heard him bung on an Irish, Aussie, Scottish or Kiwi accent, clearly he doesn’t respect those regions!

I see a lot of comments in YT clips about how a commentator is getting the pronunciation wrong and they are always directed at Anglo speakers and always being made by Euro folks but I never hear a peep about how a European commentator mangles an Anglo name.

One smart ass French guy on a camp kept calling me ‘Jan’ because 'that’s what my name would be in ‘his country’. He was called Jean, so I kept calling him ‘John’ in front of his friends. Lo and behold, he learned how to pronounce Ian correctly. :smile:


God knows , bloody Portuguese, but isnt it “pack et ah”

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Lets not get into Argies :rofl:

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Maybe. Although in this instance it could be a way to get an excuse in early for why he doesn’t race again fir the next couple of years.

I think it would be a mistake, as he’s clearly a better LD triathlete*, but both Norwegians have said they return Full time to short course next year in the run up to Paris. Even as winner, does Gustav still technically have to validate his Kona slot next year by doing another Ironman between now and then? If so, I can’t see him doing that if he truly is focused on trying to achieve something at short course. Blu even less so as defending Olympic champion, and having to need to actually qualify at an IM, not just finish.

*this might actually be the reason why he does go back to short course. He’s basically won everything at Long Distance almost by accident. They’ve trained the last year or two for it, but they’ve still been racing short course too. I can see a point of view where Gustav goes in his own mind “I’m beating all these guys who spend their entire year focusing solely on that event, and it’s just a semi-focus for me. Trying to get an Olympic medal is actually more of a challenge and motivation to me right now”


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I mentioned Paul in the Pro thread as he was doing the local commentary at Cagliari - much better than the TriathlonLIve commentators. I know him well from the TO circuit

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I’ve known him some years - from the TO circuit and I guess the early days of racing…a great chap…

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I’ve just been on a call with an American woman who repeatedly pronounced Johannesburg as Yohannesburg :man_shrugging:


Hey folks, thanks for the support from afar.
Kona was everything i expected it to be, hot, windy, hilly, well supported
The community and Ironman do put on a heck of a show.
Swim went well, nice and relaxed and found some feet so three of is worked in a little group. Caught some of the wave ahead so it did get a bit busy on the way back but i went slightly out from the buoys to avoid the green hats.
Uneventful T1, just a long jog round the pier. Shoes were attached to bike as i didn’t fancy running all that way in cleats.
Off to the bike and managed to spot some of the Mottley Crew who were strategically placed around hot corner.
Chilled 1st half of the bike, it was a bit crowded in places but not the peletons I’d heard about. Managed to get my own space. 2:39.44 208AP 216NP for first half.
Second half i pushed it a bit more down Hawi and back to home. Much quieter on the roads now so head down back to town. 2:25 200AP 209NP for the second half
At no point in the bike did i feel like i was over exerting
Surprised myself when i looked down at the bike split.
Uneventful T2…even though they didn’t have bike catchers they were shouting out your number and had a volunteer stand and point where your racking spot was, so that helped.
Onto the run and i wanted to just tap out a comfortable rhythm. Ali’i was hillier than i was expecting but plenty of support and also up Palani. Run out along Queen K was mainly up on the way out and started to take it out of me. Nutrition was going well, as well as ice down front, back and in hat. I didn’t feel hot at any time so was well acclimatised. Onto the energy lab which i didn’t think was as bad as the tales. I did power walk up the last up section
Back to the Queen K and started to suffer a bit and slow(as you may have noticed on the tracker :rofl:) so a jog/walk back in to town. The suffering was always going to come, just a matter of when…always hope it comes at 26miles rather than an earlier.
When i started the run a sub 10 was on the cards(i couldn’t quite believe it)with around a 3:50 (did 3:38 at Bolton) so plenty of time with a steady run. That was always a dream goal… but quite a stretch. Second goal was 10:30 and third an Ironman PB(10:52 quickest to date). Got round to a 10:32 with a final shuffle down Ali’i grabbed a Welsh flag from my dad and celebrated over the line(unfortunately the flag was upside down). PB at the big show.
All in all what a cracking event. Yeah, plenty of moaning about, but not from this satisfied customer.
2 volunteers escorting you after the finish, handed off to a third to get t-shirt, hat and medal.
Saw my friend from high school who is an ER Dr and was working the med tent, gave him a big sweaty hug “i fucking did it”

The Mottley Crew


Outstanding Sid, sounds like a really well executed race. Must’ve been great to have the Mottley Crew there :clap: :+1:


Great stuff @SidSnot and great picture. Enjoyed reading that, sounds like you had a solid day and and had yourselves an awesome time.

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Enjoyed that and tracking you - pb at Kona, that’s wicked, well done again!

Three local guys got pbs and one lady as she had only ever done Bolton.

They all said the last half of the run was survival


That is Sweet As.

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