Language questions

Reply to @Hammerer from kona 22 thread:
Yeah, almost as if it was Spanish but a slight emphasis on the last syllable because of the accent but only slight, still short vowels. When you take that way of saying it but with typical long English vowel sounds it becomes pa-ke-TAAR, which ounds horrible. I believe he says it in a video and if you went with the Spanish you would 98% there.

I was saying to the woman who took our Spanish lessons that they should have the tongue twisters we had as kids like “erre con erre…”. I am sure Mrs Hammerer knows them.



Even better was when Pep would call Jose Mourinho “Hoss’eh” knowing full well how to pronounce it but just doing to wind him up I bet. It doesn’t bother me that people can’t pronounce a name how it should be said natively as the sounds in languages can differ a lot but some of the way it comes ot is bizarre. How Americans butcher my name is plain odd, especially with so many people around them that say it properly… I just say it with English sounds if dealing with English, it’s easier.

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