Learn piano as an adult?

Is this possible? Anyone done it as an adult and what success did you achieve? I’m not trying to achieve superstar status, one up from Three Blind Mice would be amazing. Our current music playing experience level is zero.

Me and MrsS are looking for a hobby to occupy our time (because we’ve deleted Facebook because it’s so toxic and TV is really, really boring (even things like Netflix, we watched House of Cards and it’s about eight months long of really, really boring)) and books take too long and mostly they’re a bit crap. I broke two fingers on my left hand in a cycling accident and they don’t bend that well anymore (but they spread OK) which is why I’m not posting a “learn rock and roll guitar” question.

Thanks for any replies.


Judging by all the ads which permeated every site I visited last year, everyone’s granny can now learn to play the piano with an app and so many minutes per day…

It’s possible but really hard, adult brains don’t adapt to the multi note nature of the piano very well a bit like adult onset swimming, you can get to an ok point but you’ll never close the gap on those who learned as kids. I’d suggest a solo instrument would be easier.

My mum (74) started learning to play an organ couple of years ago.

She started self teaching, then had a few lessons and then plateaued. I’m musically inept (so apologies if I’m way off) but I think it was when she needed to incorporate more chords into it (so rather than 1 hand being a bit repetitive whilst the other did the more diverse playing) - needing both hands to constantly do different things she started to struggle.

MRS FP is a very accomplished piano player and LO is well on her way. We have a large Yamaha keyboard at home which has a great piano mode.

I don’t think it would be impossible but first question, can you read music?

No. :grinning:

That might be the biggest stumbling block. I can’t read music but I can read TAB for guitar. (tells you what to play but doesn’t really give timing).

I can read music but piano stumped me. I started at the same time as my daughter who’s already surpassed what I can do. The two hands, different timings really confuses me.

What sort of music would you like to play?

I have played piano on and off over the years. After a long off period I went to a local jazz player, he showed me a simple piano trick. 7th chords in the left hand and then right hand you can play anything within the scale and it sounds ok

This means you can skip learning to read the notes!

If it’s jazz you can skip learning anything!


No, of course not jazz. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, thank you all very much. Maybe I’ll have a rethink. Maybe I could finish some of the DIY I’ve started, that’d take up about ten years.


Hah - same as playing the electric guitar - POWERCHORD


It’s absolutely possible, but as with anything that requires muscle memory, it gets harder as you get older.
I think much depends on wether a person is musically minded or not. If you instinctively recognise scales and major / minor chords by ear, then learning an instrument will always be easier.

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Epic Fail!:love_you_gesture::boom:

Playing an instrument is not a requirement - not so far anyway

I have big plans for this… only for them to come crashing down. Epically :laughing:


Yes, but it will simply take longer the older you are. If you enjoy the learning process then go for it :+1: :notes:


Yep - one of my exes - her dad started a PHD in his 70’s. Just go for it

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People may disagree but i think certain people have a predisposition to be good at playing music. I’m not on of those people.

I went to school with this kid. He was a bit rough so it was odd theat he could de this. But with very few lessons he could play the piano brilliantly. He couldn’t read music but could hear notes. He would listen to some music and just be able to play it.

Me on the other hand had a bunch of lessons on the organ, and despite trying really hard, I just couldn’t do it very well.

But you don’t know unless you try!


I’ve never played the panic. What is that? A piano at a picnic :basket:?

… maybe that’s what’s the Smiths were on about all those years ago :thinking:


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Don’t go changing my (autocorrect) ooh ooh nobody knows it

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