I may be making this up, but I seem to recall a Lent thread being a fairly frequent thing on TT1.0.

For what it’s worth I’ve been in need of a kick up the arse for a while now, and Lent seems like as good a time as any to have a focused stretch on not being such a mardy fat knacker.

With this in mind, my plans for Lent are…

  • No Alcohol (:sob:) - while I don’t feel like it’s getting out of hand of late, the negative impacts on sleep and what-not are obvious.
  • Meditate - I hear so many people (both ‘celebrities’ and friends) talk about the benefits of meditation, when I’ve tried it I don’t seem to get anything from it. So, a 40 day streak with the work provided Headspace subscription is a chance to see if I find any benefit.
  • Minimum of 30 minutes of ‘exercise’. This can be as little as going for a walk for 30 minutes, or spending 30 minutes stretching and on the roller, but something every day.
  • Bed by 2230.

And we’ll see if that works out. Anyone else doing anything?

Day|  Booze  |  Meditate  |  Exercise  |  Bed  |
 1 |         |            |            |       |

I’m still alcohol free in 2021, haven’t really come up with a suitable day to stop (or should that be start) but another 40 days seems like as good a plan as any (and then see how I feel about carrying on further)


Triathlon :rofl:


I did start day 1 of the 30 day “Breathe” yoga with Adrienne yesterday. See how long I keep that up. Its a good target I suppose


I’ll give up share bags of sour sweets that I inhale in 5 minutes


My wife and daughter have limited my Wine Gums intake to 5 per car journey (includes the return journey, too)
No consumption outside of those times :sob:


I’m terrible in the car too.

Colin the caterpillars - Percy pigs - GONE

Wife and kids don’t even get a sniff


That’s inhumane, everyone knows anything you eat in the car doesn’t count (along with anything you’re given for free)


Being brought up Catholic and having this for many years, Lent can do one.


I could give-up being a tw*t, but I like to make it something vaguely achievable.


I love jelly type sweets, but a lot of that stuff had gelatine in historically so avoid it (although many are veggie now but I’m not standing in a shop reading ingredients lists to check)


Give up giving up stuff.


Gave up booze for dry January and kept going to Valentines weekend

Friday and Saturday last weekend shared a bottle of wine with Mrs T for Valentines but now back on the wagon (or at least limiting to AF Shipyard/Erdinger etc - 0.5% doesn’t count does it???)

can’t guarantee will last the whole of Lent (and in no way religious) but will see how it goes


I’m giving up chocolate, been eating an in humane amount for months.

My waist, teeth and wallet will thank me.

Good luck all!


Can I just give up?


No unhealthy snacks during work. I never ate biscuits before last year when I got some in for the builders, next thing I know I’m taking 5 upstairs with my coffee for my team meeting.

No take aways. Too easy, too unhealthy. Enjoying cooking too just need to make time for it.

I very much approve of this threat and need some motivation.

No alcohol
10 mins stretching every day

Carter on Trainer Road, along with some stretching and picking up my kettle bell a few times. Bed by 10:30 but unable to get to sleep so ended up reading until about 11:15 (still better than watching Netflix). Meditation was fine, but I still feel like I’m missing something. And didn’t even particularly fancy a beer.

Valaspuku’s is an excellent addition, so I’m also abstaining from delivered food. I wonder if Deliveroo will call to make sure I’m OK? And what will my Credit Card bill be like? (I get an almost offensive amount of delivery!)


I suspect the meditation takes practice & that even then some days you just won’t “get it”. I’ve been doing yoga since the beginning of the year & this seems to be my relationship with it.


Ainslie-5 on TR. First time I’ve done hard efforts on the turbo in quite a while, had to drop to 90% intensity for the last interval… I fear I need to re-do my FTP test and it will be lower! Kettlebell swings have left me with a sore back; I got carried away and even though I was aware my form was slipping I pressed on regardless. Fool. It’s not awful, I’ve done similar many times before, just need to take it a bit easy.