Let's help @Doka get a running blade

Rather than clog up the other thread about @Doka’s accident and recovery, I thought to create this new one for extra exposure. Brett is happy for me to publicise this.

Brett has some great potential as a paratriathlete which has been recognised by the BTF and Arctic ONE which is a charity that helps disabled people in sport (https://www.arctic1.co.uk/). I saw Brett race in the recent Swansea paratri event and in the open race he was 1st out of the swim by some way, and 2nd or 3rd on the bike due to a slow transition as he is still getting used to getting from swim to T1 using his current prosthesis. But what’s really holding him back is him not having a running blade so he can’t complete a tri currently.

Arctic one have set up a Justgiving page to ask people to contribute towards the blade and the charity is supporting this with a “Forward Motion” grant. To help the fundraising effort, Matt Kirby (Artic co-founder) is raffling off a painting called Kona22 - all donators get raffle tickets for this.

The full Facebook post is below - this link to the Justgiving page is here:

" Its me again! ARTWORK RAFFLE

Fundraising for Arctic One (I am Co-Founder) to support [Brett Daughtrey] to add to his Arctic One approved Grant.

Brett Daugherty, a Cyclist and Triathlete while on a cycle ride in Wales on 17th July 2021 with his mates had a catastrophic accident with a trailer which resulted in an above knee amputation of his right leg.

Brett is not sitting back and in a short period of time has turned his attention to Paratriathlon and along with his mates has been fundraising for a cycle leg/running blade which don’t come cheap (£18,000+) and there is still a substantial shortfall. Brett has applied for an Arctic One ‘Forward Motion’ Grant which we will be supporting and all monies raised on this page will be added to his approved grant to help reach his target. Any excess if any will go on to support other para applicants.

Its not essential for mine or Arctic One’s support but Brett is pretty good and I’ve only ever predicted this once before (Got that right) but I think he is Paralympic medal potential. His Triathlons at present is just the swim and bike so we need to help get him running! Just a couple of quid maybe or a share.

I will raffle off some work and anyone that donates will be allocated tickets (£2 a ticket) to help Brett get his running blade. Brett has already be classified by British Tri.

You can donate on the link below with your name, message me or paypal me matt.kirby@btinternet.com and I will transfer over and allocate you your numbers all in the usual way.

‘Kona 22’ Metallic paint on 50cm x 50cm boxed canvas. Although this is not really about the artwork I do think this will appeal to the Triathlon Community out there if you know anyone?

The draw will be on 8pm September 25th and I will carefully package and post out the work anywhere worldwide."


Thanks for the heads up @fatbuddha.

I bought a few tickets this morning and will get a few more before the draw.
(Apparently, I’m Anonymous Squared. :wink: )

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


Thanks @fatbuddha


Don’t have FB or PayPal. Did send an email to the Matt Kirby a couple of days ago but had no reply


If you go onto the JustGiving page above you can make a donation with a credit/debit card, Google Pay or bank transfer, you don’t need FB or PayPal :+1: .


Haha cheers mate. I missed the massive great link to the JG page :smile:


That’s my beer money gone for the week - sigh :face_exhaling:


25% over target now!! :+1:


Threw in some £ this morning