Lock down musings

So, we’re allowed to go to work, exercise once per day, and otherwise not leave the house or socialise in groups of more than 2 people.

Hang on… That’s my normal life


Here’s the thing. Don’t socialise in groups of more than 2, outside your household right? Well that still means you can meet a single other person outside your household. Doesn’t that totally defeat the object of all this?

The prime minister gave a list of things that people will have to stop doing:
■ You should not meet friends
■ You should not meet family members who do not live with you
■ You should not go shopping for other items. Shops selling “non-essential goods” including clothes and electronics stores will be closed
■ You should not go to libraries, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and places of worship
He said that if these rules are not followed then police will have the powers to enforce them, including through fines and dispersing gatherings.

Don’t forget to invite @FatPom to your new thread. :upside_down_face:

Is this a cunning plan to derail the post count on the Covid thread? Is betting involved?

Good point. If I smell a rat, I will act accordingly: LOCKDOWN!

You’ve been warned people. Don’t f* this up.