Loke - Payment, Order & Delivery App (and Stripe payment)

Very specific question, but i don’t suppose anyone on here has any experience of the Loke app. It’s an Aussie company, but with bases in Auckland, Singapore and London as well.

I know it’s a very long shot, but wondered if anyone had implemented it from their organisation, or have worked with them in some capacity? The same goes for Stripe, which is the company they use to process the payments.

@Poet - you’re in the banking world in some capacity aren’t you?


Yup! But never heard of them at all…

…I’m a back office silent type, a bit like @Hammerer, I do the things you can’t see.


fair enough, thanks.

Used Stripe in the old triclub. It works … Cant say much more than that really, which is a good thing but I never needed to test support if things went wrong which is the true test of whether a company is any good

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That’s good to hear, thanks

GB, never heard of Loke but at our works we got a payment system in that’s independent of the network otherwise we have to get PCIDSS credited throughout the network which is very expensive and restrictive. I have a feeling it uses some kind of phone lines for the readers.

I did use Stripe for the membership payments for our running club when the previous payment gateway got dropped. It’s a bit like PayPal really although I don’t think there’s a mobile app, but they are basically taking the risk of securing the payments. For some reason I think we get charged about 80p per member renewal which is about £24.

If you have anything else about Stripe I might be able to help, but there’s a big difference between a running club with <200 members and big University.


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