Looking out of the window I can see

That the M6 is shut northbound between jct 5 and 6

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I’m going out on a limb here and guessing this is a bad thing as you’re in your car and not a public service broadcast from your kitchen window?! :rofl:

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I presume the roads around Alfreton are pants, as I always hear it mentioned on the R2 traffic bulletins!

No this really is a PSB, was mildly bored gazing out of the window and spotted nothing going northbound, it’s not an exciting day in the office!


Window ?.. swanky.

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I can see a brick wall

Alfreton Derbyshire?
That’s the A38 up to the M1 J28 - always queues for northbound M1, but just go south and drive around the roundabout :+1:t3::ok_hand:t4:

Much the same if there’s a queue…get off at the next junction and rejoin by going straight over.
Approximately 30 seconds saved :rofl:

@Symes - That’s what the toll road is for :+1:t3::wink:

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From my window, I can see;
Waitrose, Evans Cycles and Lloyd’s Banking Group.

My back garden and the daffodils starting to come up and a couple of snow drops. Grass looks ok because Mrs FP raked it today. When I look at the window, rather than through it, I see two double glazing panes that need replacing.

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I can see Zurich Oerlikon Station, a shopping centre, a large building site and snow covered mountains in the distance

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4 BMWs. Someone upstairs has a 69 plate RS3; given their role, they must be living off value beans and live with their parents, or have a wealthy partner.

A very sad looking patio area, and my rose/shrub garden just waiting for spring to breath some life back into it. In the distance a classic Devon rolling hill.

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In the foreground a mostly empty car park. At the end of the car park, gardens then a row of old houses with uneven tiled roofs and leaning chimneys. In the distance, Honeycombe woods rising south of the river Yeo. Above that, a cloudy dusk sky.

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River Thames, Millennium Foot Bridge, Tate Modern, Globe Theatre, the Shard, Oxo Tower :grinning:


Now I can see bugger all

I can’t even see the window because the shutters are closed.

An empty, black void. (Which is also, in daylight, a car park)

My bins, much to Poet’s disgust I’m sure…

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my campervan, and a road… tempting… bloody tempting… :joy:

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Build a bin store