Looks like I can now start threads

Oh @#£&. :crazy_face:

Actually I have nothing to say, just noting that until a few moments ago when the system decided to allow me new privileges, I could not even reply to some threads anymore as I had made 3? Replies. Wonder if that restriction also put others off (as if you can’t respond, all you can do is edit a prior post to respond).

Hopefully you will take that as constructive feedback.

Fear not, no more sub threads (after all given foreigners have taken an in person interest in my work, I guess it impressed someone, and my predictive terrorist prevention work, well I needed a third eureka moment (after concept, and maths basis first two) and at this stage of my life, given it earns no money and all I take is ridicule, I will leave that to those in law enforcement who get paid to come up with novel ways to secure our planet better. I am certainly not going to spend my last few months to years stressing about such stuff. So you can all breathe easy.

However, I could use your help, and blame your system for literally awarding me posting privileges as I surf at 5am.

Having spent a few months now since my terminal diagnosis thinking about what else I want to do before the day comes, I can (still) honestly say that I am at peace with my fate, and that I have done everything I want or need to do in this life. Which is great. But it leaves me with a bit of a dilemma in that, what do I do now?

If I had money I would globe trot, but that isn’t going to happen, except via YouTube etc. So as I sit on my proverbial rocking chair, with hopefully a few more years to go, for the first time in decades I have nothing that I need to do, as I have done everything that I need to do.

So, my question for you folks, can you offer me, ideas please? Being broke and dealing on the pointy end with government austerity policies, (I care for my wife) they would have to be zero, or near zero, cost.

It would be nice to do something useful over the coming months to years (I have a statistical “up to 5 years” left, minus a few months, but an infection etc could turn that into days/weeks).

Routinely, for decades, I have run multiple projects simultaneously, learning, helping, growing, being a pain in the ass to make things better, learning new skills, pushing myself physically and mentally, etc. Now, I am content. I could happily just sit on my rocking chair until father time knocks, and then get on with my next life (I firmly believe in reincarnation). It just feels strange that I no longer have the desire to ‘break new ground and improve my own and human knowledge’.

Due to pain, which the doctors are currently dealing with and fathoming out (it seems to have several sources from what I can tell, one definitely being a reaction to an infusion medication that some experience as a side effect, and one doctor is wondering about a possible immune response reaction?) exercise is becoming more limited sadly. So running is for the moment out of the question. Walking can be painful enough at times (but I am still getting out there). Fortunately my tris, Marathons and IMuK attempt were all done at over 20 stone so pushing through pain is something I am used to. But no sports at the moment please.

But what the heck do you do when you are content (not bored), but would still like to do something valuable in your remaining time? When you are broke. I really have done everything I need to do, and the stuff I would like to do (global travel, help humanity move a step positively forwards, etc are pipe dreams).

Any ideas?

Well I can only tell you what I would do in your situation, but you need to think about what motivates you. So nothing ultimately matters, and with that in mind don’t burden yourself with some ridiculous hurdle of “meaning” before doing something. Instead just focus on what allows you as a human to better yourself. For me, in your situation, I would do the following:

Learn carpentry
Learn pottery (my wife is learning from an 83 year old lady and loving it)
Learn how to bake the best sourdough in the world
Spend time with family
Go for walks in the forest and to the sea (Bus trips are cheap and fun)
Write a story (I have several in my mind so getting time to write one down would be a blessing)
Swim (if possible) as the lowest impact sport I would try and make that work.

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If you have a camera, get outdoors and photograph our beautiful country. So many wonderful pictures to be taken, which you can enjoy the good ones, and delete the bad. I find going out and about with my camera very relaxing and rewarding. You can photograph anything, from landscapes, to art/modern day stuff, to races.

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Putting people off is the idea :wink: Seriously it is as it stops 100’s of spam posts every single night as they cant do much when they join without reading the forum, which if they are genuine means they learn the ropes and after so many minutes of reading they can reply. After a number of replies they can then start posting. Its working well as we have had about 3 spam posts in 6 months!

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But just because you can start threads, doesn’t mean you should be over zealous :upside_down_face:


Why not read some stories to the kids in a local hospital?

The most important thing, is not to put anything off. Whatever you choose to do, act now. That applies to all of us, but particularly to your situation :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all.

In the very short term I have decided to dig out a set of professional colouring pencils that I got some years ago, and try to improve my drawing (which is really really bad). About the only decent drawing I have done was an eye that a forum asked to use as its banner, and which my daughter tells me was better than her own makeup. Apart from that imagine a 2 year old skillset. I would like to do some decent drawings. So now may be the time to learn.

As I can’t even get to Class for French lessons just now that sadly is on the back burner a bit, but I would also like to get some measure of skill there, after many years of failure (but we are now beginning to progress). Ideally I would also like to learn Mandarin, but that is clearly a pipe dream now.

If it wasn’t for the government @#£&*()’ the poor over the past decade I may be a bit better placed financially to do more for others, but my future finances are by no means certain and I could still at some point be in very tough financial places. Even with doctors support I am not dying ‘quick enough’ for the government special rules to apply at the moment.

That said I could see myself help local charities offer benefits advice in the future to others who are in tough places and who face destitution because of government policies. We have no safety net anymore. A hard fought societal good that has gone (don’t believe the propaganda, that why we have homelessness, food banks (which are now normalised in children’s books) etc).

As some in my family are not dealing well with my prognosis I also need to try to help them more before I help others. Having spent 2 decades helping others one way or another, globally, in several fields, it’s time for a bit of ‘me’ time. Just wish I had the money to enjoy it!

Anyhow I will bow out again for a while, waiting to see what off season threads I can contribute to in due course. Thanks again.

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