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Just read about the Qana massacre in 1996. The IDF shelled a UNIFIL base and then lied about Hezbollah used civilians as a human shield for their activites. The mortars were 170m away. The IDF had extensive knowldge of the entire area and were repeatedly told by the UN soldiers that they were bombing civilians.

The mid-90s were pretty chaotic for me, which possibly why I don’t remember this at all.


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Between 2017 and 2021, “1,260 complaints against the IDF, only 248 investigations were opened, and only 11 of these investigations led to indictments being filed against soldiers”

So even from an anti Israel source they acknowledge there is a system of justice and that Israel does prosecute its soldiers for abuses.

Anyone got any stats for Gaza? Didn’t think so. They actively encourage and celebrate war crimes,rape and mutilation so I’m calling it zero investigations, zero indictments.

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Hamas !== Gaza


And that is something to celebrate? surely 1260 complaints should lead to 1260 investigations?


Yes. It. Is.

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This is part of the miscomprehension. Hamas has developed effectively into another ISIS(L) and it does not represent the majority of citizens under it’s ‘governance’.


Why do you think that is something to celebrate?

Is that reply to my post or just to the thread?

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You wont get a reply, he’s at 'Spoons celebrating :wink:


Bit blunt.

No organisation does a 1 to 1 complaint to investigation. At the very least there will be duplicates, complaints with no basis etc. etc. I have no idea how many they should have investigated except it won’t be 100%.


That’s OK then, all explained, lets celebrate.

Not really what I said :person_shrugging:

Tried to find the equivalent percentage for the British Armed Forces but they have stopped publishing it. What I did find was that approx 75% of complaints for the UK are deemed admissable.

By all means question the data and hold the IDF to account (to the same standards expected of other countries).


Tinpots comment was a quote that was meant to be an attack on the failure to investigate complaints against IDF; he somehow turned it into a positive, that’s the point.

I get that.

My point is that without more data, it’s not possible to know if they investigated too many/too few/the correct number of complaints. It’s a number chosen and presented with language chosen to ‘prove’ a pre-determined position.

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By UK standards, 75% of 1260 is 945. But it may be apples/pears.


It is. The UK don’t currently publish number of investigations, just those deemed admissible.


Quote my whole post and understand it. Simples. :smile:

Or not, but I’m not interested in tangents, red herrings, just that main point. Which you wont tackle - who knows why people won’t tackle the main point of a discussion, people just do what they do…?

Can’t wait to go there…

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Please enlighten the crowd.

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