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In 20 years in AFG, 46k Afghan civilians were killed; now doubtless the causes and perpetrators were myriad. In tthe last month, over 10k Palestinian civilians have neen killed.

This is why people want the situation calmed down right now.


Maybe if your posts were more articulate, rather than rambling tirades, people wouldn’t need need to ask you to get you your point. There is no consistency between many of your posts.

Let’s take this one. Do you mean Gaza or Hamas? Because one is a territory, the other is a totalitarian regime that is guilty of gross acts of terrorism.

The general tenor of your posts is that because Hamas is a terror organisation based in Gaza, it’s okay to lay waste to the territory of Gaza and anyone who gets in the way; men, women and a lot of children.

Is that your opinion, or is it something else?

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Easy enough to do…hand over such hamas leaders that are still alive and hand back the hostages such that are still alive…


Oh I understood, you were basically comparing how a civilised country acts to a terrorist organisation. Look they prosecuted 11 soldiers, excellent, its better than 0, I get that, but they need to hold themselves to higher standards simply because they are not a regime of terror.

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How does that happen in practice though; it’s a bit like asking everyday Russians to handover Putin.


By being at war, i guess…the international community don’t have the stomach for it…


By prosecuting 12 soldiers? Or every complaint?

perhaps we should prosecute Bliar amongst others…


yes we should, but I’d prefer it if he was prosecuted at The Hague

that’s a valid point, one I don’t know the answer to as we have no information apart from Mr Joes post which in itself is meaningless and posted as some sort of odd comparison to how the terrorists behave.


Send Kissinger in. :grinning:

I have ordered the book you recommended by the way, but as I am struggling to get back into reading, it might take a while to get through it.

(My brain is obviously enjoying the rest from reading several books a month, and the Economist weekly, for many years. (I decided in March to take a 3 month break from reading, and have recently joined a book club to jolt myself back into it. To my surprise the book club is fun.))

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The statement is designed to be misleading…

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They already do hold themselves to a higher standard, as we’ve just agreed.


“Why can’t they be evacuated,” Dr Mokhallalati said of the babies. “In Afghanistan, they evacuated the cats and dogs.”

He’s got a point.

How would we do it? Send in helicopters to be shot down by Hamas?

After Israeli troops secure the hospital, they could evacuate them. Or maybe just turn the power and supplies back on. I suppose that can’t be done per hospital though.

“along with the hostages”, he continued…

Of course it can, they’re running on generators.

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The hostage number held by Hamas has gone up as one of the foreign workers held has apparently given birth.


I was thinking of the main supply, I assume the delivery of petrol is just as you are suggesting