Middle East

Thanks :rofl:

I don’t know much about the masons, but they make people masons which does not evidence esoteric thinking, it demonstrates that everynow and then they make people masons…

My memory is hazy, didn’t a mason come on TT1 and call you out?


In fairness, if anyone has a high brow around here it’s him.

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joined in the middle?


Hidden in plain sight Hammerer.

That’s the easiest way to explain it. While, using your quotes, I am both a Gnostic and an Ancient Egypt geek, and have patiently tried to get my mind around Jewish, Rosicrucian, etc approaches, at the end of the day they are just frameworks to help you pierce behind the veil.

The veil, is that hidden in plain sight, moment when you get an ah-ha :bulb: , when your perspective changes as you really come to know yourself.


I really can’t work you out, but I have nothing to prove. I did that c15 years ago, completely unintentionally. Since then I have just being, as explained above, trying to nudge and help others answer the supposedly unanswerable eternal questions. As the Royal Society might say, ‘Know Yourself’.

A bewildering concept until you get it, but when you do, you do and you laugh at yourself for it is so obvious. Hopefully one day you will get it ejc (assuming you don’t already and are just being difficult). No one can, effectively, tell you how to do this, for you have to find it yourself. All anyone else can do is nudge.

I am wary that recently people were swearing on forum, at both of us, about our interactions ejc, frankly I don’t blame them. Lesson to be learnt there.

The really funny bit for me is that I have been walking away from the internet, nudging etc, as it is past the time that I can meaningfully do anything. But as I noted above January’s ww3 news reporting got me posting. At least even you ejc, in a post above, have come around to seeing that war is likely. If more had got there 5 years ago, heck even a year ago, it could have been better avoided. Now it will take extreme levels of skill, though I hope that skill is found.

Best of luck to those who have to sort the mess out.

At least I tried.

No need to explain it the easiest way, we on here may be way below your level but we are all reasonably intellient people, the problem is you never give a straight answer, claiming some God like power to understand what us simpletons cant. You use words like esoteric like theres some secret in the world we just dont get. Well good luck with that, ill get on with writing software to make rich people richer and help kids swim, bike and run a bit faster :grinning:


Cant be too high brow mixing with hoi palloi like you lot. There’s even poor Northerners as well shudder



I am sorry that you, and others, take it that way.

But now that I know more clearly why I have upset people on here, can I thank you for that Hammerer.

If you are claiming your own definitions, it is hardly surprising that people struggle to understand you.

Yes, let’s keep it simple for the simpletons. gotta love the humility.

So, that may or may not be an example of something that is esoteric, but it is not the definition of esoteric. That said, this falls short of demonstrating that IS esoteric or that this IS something you have achieved.

So you keep telling us. But all of those engaged would appreciate your explanation of what it was that you did, how you did it, but, more importantly, how you can demonstrate that it was an example of esoterics.

for sure. but it has become a bit like a runner posting a fast time, but with no data to back it up.

We await evidence that you have been able to answer any of the unanswerable questions, or evidence of what may constitute an unanswerable question…

My brother is a fellow of a royal society…that’s about all you need to know about that…

what for? You have chosen to not identify what it is or where the value is or even how to differentiate it from anything that is freely accessible to everyone. How do you know whether everyone already had this and you have only now caught up?

It is not my place to seek reasonableness with them…they have agency…but i too am not surprised. After the last interjection, i eased back and the site was quickly filling back up with esoterics and then the masonics…much longer and we would have back at the subs…but it is not my place to have you gagged, which i would find appalling, but it is all of our places to keep each other to account…

And this speaks volumes, Sloggers. Despite all your claims, despite all of the skills that are allegedly at your disposal, you have not got the faintest idea what my thoughts and opinions are concerning the likelihood of war, how i formed that opinion, or when.

But, yes, EVEN me…think how much more interesting the day would have been had you been willing and able to hold a conversation about this, or any other topic for that matter.

well, I don’t know about you…but if you meet someone on the bus who says they talk to god, fo you sit closer to them or move away?

i think i’ve had an aha moment…


Sloggers - just get pissed and post shite like the rest (majority) of us :rofl:


(post deleted by author)


It’s about Spring. Clue’s in the name.

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That name was given to it in the 19th century when he was re discovered - or at least an allegory of spring

i wish you wouldn’t keep deleting…


your wish is my command :wink:


Saw that painting, and the Birth of Venus last summer. Astonishingly good.


It was a load of nonsense



your best post to date…

inspired by god, i would say…


An A-Ha moment , You Are The One

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I think I speak for many when I express surprise at the content your deleted posts.