Middle East

Reckon he’s just trying to get his computer algo guessed reading ages up :smile:

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Tempting, but having learnt a lot here recently I need time to reflect on it.

Hammerer made some good points, Ejc is just being ejc (I can’t be @rsed finding the post but ejc you did post recently that you were coming around to war was probably likely or similar, so criticising me for pointing that out in the way you did is a bit below the belt). But hey Ho.

Going forward, given that I now understand why I upset some here, and thank you for that Hammerer, I am going to simply read for a while, as I reflect.

i would save your energy, because even when you find the posts you either do not read them, or do not understand them or you choose not to understand them…

i didn’t criticise you for pointing it out, if you had read and understood the post you would have learnt that it was the arrogant, ignorant and condescending way in which you pointed it out that was the issue, along with the fact that i had posted about the inevitability of war in a reply to you months ago. Had you bothered to read that reply, and understand it, that might have saved you your bit of petulance tonight…

yep…however, in light of such petulance, and that you are about as confusing and contradictory as the bible, perhaps you really are doing god’s work…

When did God make an entrance on tiritalk

Didn’t realise he was massively into 3 sports… although when you come to think of it … huh :thinking:


He did work on a 7 day training cycle with a rest day on day 7. Fairly standard. Not sure though when he created man was that a recovery session or intervals


Well i guess he’s always been here…

He comes across as a guy who did a pretty intense 6 days before starting a specially extended taper - so far about 2 millennia post the other OT stuff

I’m guessing OT he was suffering from roid rage

Then started doing some meditation. I mean the guy had some shit to work out.


Not good…


Nope, you dehumanise the enemy and thise sort of thing happens.

There was this too.

It seems to me like some Jewish settlers and the IDF are the terrorists on the West Bank.

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All covered in the law of armed conflict (LOAC) modules that all UK Soldiers have to pass every year now. Lessons learned in AFG/IRQ

No photos, hooding, videos etc


This sounds like another of those situations where you wonder WTF they thought it would be a good idea to take photos/video and why they thought it was a good idea to put them in the public domain :man_shrugging:


Gen Z :person_shrugging:


Are we talking west bank or gaza?

But yes, dehumanising the enemy is normal…it’s filming and sharing it that is a relatively new phenomena…

although various people got in trouble for taking pictures of dead argentine soldiers…


No hooding?

blindfolding ok?

Only for operational reasons i.e. sensitive sites.

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well that’s the front line, any interrogation centre and certainly in and out of any pow handling areas…

The anti government protests have restarted. Calls by an Israeli in Tel Aviv for Netanyahu to go to prison. Does not bode well for peace.

would a different PM not be more likely to seek peace?

Who knows, but it would stop extensive civil protests which would help stabilise Israel. Instead of fighting itself.

well it’s influencing our political system now…

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