Middle East

The west (especially Europe) should be less worried about this, and more concerned about what’s happening in Europe i.e. Russia/Ukraine. Whilst the situation in Gaza is indeed dire, the geopolitical timebomb Canary is singing over in Ukraine and we’re still largely sleepwalking into it unless we contain it now, before Ukranian resistance collapses.

The Sudetenland is calling.

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a reference to Sloggers?

the way in which this is being reported, supported and policed represents a significant risk to UK internal stability…

i think that would be ambitious…

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  • A lot ‘experts’ agree with the sleepwalking analogy.
  • You mean there is a lack of critical thinkers in the UK? (rhetorical)
  • Putin is ambitous.
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Absolutely - i didn’t think he had come up with that himself…


surely he has learnt something from the last 2 years…

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Yes, that he hasn’t been ‘stopped’ by the west yet, and his diet remains Novicok free.

We shouldn’t sit back and wait too long for his house of cards to fall; there’s a US election in the offing. Scholz is also doing a Chamberlain; hand-wringing over sending some cruise missiles for fear of starting something more…you mean like the UK did with Storm Shadow? So long as missiles don’t rain down on Moscow/StP, I think Putin will just keep grinding on as is.

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or that this mularkey is harder than he perhaps thought…


I wonder if they’ll ever try for Kyiv again.

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that would mean a second front…

they can hardly sustain their progress across the the main front now…


Youd think not, they couldnt manage it the first time and have suffered huge losses since. Plus the first time was before UKR was tooled up by the West…

Think any attempt to would just be a bluff to draw resources away


Sounds like a ceasefire agreement is close which is good as long as it’s a sustainable one and doesn’t just give Hamas time to re-organise / re-arm and fight on.


There was an interesting programme about Hamas’s finances on the BBC last week. They’re generating a huge amount of money from their investment portfolio.

There was the suggestion that Israel could have cut off this financing and put Hamas out of business but there was a feeling that it was in their interest to keep a weak Hamas regime in power in Gaza. That obviously didn’t pan out the way they’d planned :roll_eyes:

They were also talking about the tunnel network and they reckoned that there was 500km of properly engineered tunnels under Gaza :flushed:

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London Underground is only 150km

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that is always the fear…

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apparently so, which is probably where much of the aid money has gone over the years, much of the resupply has come in but none (or few) of the civilians have been allowed to use as shelter and/or escape…

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It’s reported that civilian deaths in Gaza since October are nearly 2-and-a-half times higher than Russia has killed in 2 years, in Ukraine.

Struggling to think how that could be played down via whataboutism.


Could have been settled overnight…

This is what kids do to each other.

Go on, light a firework.


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Having the incompetent, hateful Ben-Gvir as a minister really isn’t working for anyone. Except him of course.

Big shift in US stance today at the UN Security Council. Could mean a tangible difference on the ground or Israel goes down the pariah state route.


For a nation that has overcome so much, from Ancient Egypt through The Holocaust, this would be a sad state of affairs. Sadly it’s entirely conceivable.

I, for one, hope that Israel can refind its inner light and become a beacon for humanity again.