Minichiello Banned

I hate reading stories like this, a coach ive always looked up to and respected for the way he seemed to approach coaching and the successes his athletes had, and now found to have let his athletes down massively. I hope the athletes affected can get the help they need from UKA.


We’ve been discussing it in the news thread.


whenever he was on TV he came across to me to be talking athletes down

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There’s chat on some YouTube vids saying he sometimes came out with some weird stuff.

‘Toni achieved wonders with Jessica and assured his lifetime fame within athletics coaching. but he does tend to come out with the oddest of comments

Take for example his B.B.C. commentary on the Doha World Athletics Championships. I could write a chapter on his queer utterances but here’s a couple by way of illustration:-

He claimed that if eight competitors tied at the same height there would have to be eight gold medals cast! A fellow broadcaster had to (correctly) advise him that a jump off would naturally follow in such event.

Finally, observing the ladies’ javelin final he repeatedly declared that any competitor finishing their run up closer than 2-3 metres away from the line was engendering a faulty technique! Has Toni never observed Jan Železný (history’s greatest) in action?

I am convinced (as best one can be) that Toni’s body has been taken over by an alien. Such being the case what are aliens doing to the real coach Toni?’


We all thought Jimmy & Rolf were legends way back when…

Power corrupts.


Two of the cleverest people ( sly) I’ve ever met were peados.

Very very dangerous men.


I’m sure the Aussies will be prepared to take him as long as he can get them some medals. Failing that there a few Middle-Eastern/monied countries that don’t seem to care how they achieve success. Or he can just set up as a private coach and wait for the athletes to come to him. A bit strange there is no criminal conviction thus far. A bit of a dilemma that his wife is heavily involved in various national youth squads development too.

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