Minimum bike with running focus

Probably weighs 30kg more in the real world than on Zwift

Well, 4.5/kg isn’t exceptional though. I have a friend who’s a triathlete* who could hold that for a 30km race easily enough; I was riding around 3.8 to stay on his wheel (~270w), which is my steady-state top-end in a Zwift race.

  • okay he’s KQ’d 3 times iirc.

Is that for real???

You are way lighter than I am.
I’ve had a real world 60:41 25TT off 267W this year, that was my top end very top end. A little blunted after the AM parkrun PB, but still…

…this is why I’m not a fan of Zwift.
My 270W isn’t the same as your 270W

That’s not a 40k TT I did though, my AvP was 266w yesterday for 39:05 of ‘racing’. I’m not sure what you mean about not liking Zwift; the numbers come from a PM so they are ‘real’ regardless of environment.

So you can ride at 267W “steady state” on Zwift, for forty minutes.
Let’s say your FTP is therefore something like 280W (if that Zwift effort was indeed “steady”)
You’re about 70-74kg, so that’s 3.7- 4W/kg - ish?

Am I about right so far?

Whereas my FTP is also 280W, I’m 10kg heavier, but my comparable real world times are quicker.

RE: Zwift

It takes the reading from my PM of 280W and moves my rider at whatever speed that should be, based on what weight I tell it.
I use another PM, lets say the Trainer one, and it’s reading 308W. That moves my avatar way faster. Couple that with sticking my weight in at 70kg.
That’s what I don’t like.
Add an ANT+ bridge into that (piece of piss to add a % amount onto the broadcast signal) and the “game” is ruined.

If it’s for training, then why bother with a race?
I have zero need for cycle racing specific workouts.
IM and HIM takes 412 or 220 efforts.

That’s my two cents

I guess the question is what exactly is the game, and how is ruined, 308 at 71kg is nothing unreasonable for an hour, I’ve done it out on the road, and I know loads of men who can (and many women who can do the same w/kg of course) if you’re on zwift you’re riding against these people, does it fundamentally matter if you’re riding against a real person, or a person with a 5% boost? They’re still just an avatar, it’s not real?

The ANT+ bridge with a fake watts is very easy, I even have one (a 4 year old cannot produce enough watts on a KK road machine to make zwift think they’re moving uphill 'cos of the 45kg minimum weight), but the variance happens for uncalibrated power meters as much as deliberate cheating, you race who race - think of it more like vets racing where you pick your own category.

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Very philosophical :slight_smile:

I’m aware of 308W and 71kg being fine, quoted those figures as those are where I was/where I’d like to be.

Anyway…minimum bike with running focus…

You’re reading too much into everything, Zwift is just an App; it’s a way of making indoor cycling more interesting. A 40-50 min race on Zwift does not represent the power I would produce during a triathlon of the same duration a) is way higher, and b) there are no power ‘zeros’.

Also, your current weight is not representative of race season, and you’re 8(?) years younger than me and physically not the same person - we’re all different…which is what makes coaching an interesting challenge.

You’re probably aware you’ve hit a plateau, and moving on from that will be hard as you age :sweat_smile: If you were a late adopter, you might be more optimistic on #gainz but you’ve already seen from Poet V1.0 roughly what you’re capable of with ‘normal’ training volumes.

It is what it is :man_shrugging:

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You know what, I’d never actually thought of that!
I see all of these Zwift sessions on Strava and think “WOW!”
But when I ride IRL with the same people I’m left thinking “Erm. WTF?”

And yes, ageing is a bitch, I’m finding it hard to get run fast again. Swimming and cycling is easier. I now see why so many rich, white men cycle :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Plateau/schmateau!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice reply :slightly_smiling_face:

How long before you start building Frankenbikes and wanting to do off-road/cross events, in order to find something ‘fresh’ …well actually it’s like rebooting the 80s when “ATBs” originally came out :sweat_smile:

I definitely think ‘gravelcross’ or adventure riding is my kind of thing, rather than pure MTB type stuff. I still like to carry some speed, and the challenge of picking my way through the terrain rather than let a FS bike just ‘float’ me over it still appeals.

I think you’re on the wrong kind of trails if that’s happening to you! You should be ending up head first in a tree/ditch if you’re not marrying technical skill with the bike :rofl:

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I feel the same re the type of riding, I actually like canal tow paths as long as not too busy with fishermen, walkers etc.
The biggest issue is finding somewhere to do it without adding hours of car travel before/after. The FoD isn’t far from me and has some great trails but by the time you’ve packed/unpacked the car and driven there and back you’re probably adding 3/4 hours so a 2hour ride takes 5/6.
I think garvel has really taken off in the USA (and maybe mainland Europe to a lesser degree) as they have the wide open spaces and gravel raods/trails to exploit it. There’s nothing around here.

I’m getting a bit old for that! I have a few head scars from the early years of MTB riding as a teen! Helmets? :thinking::crazy_face:

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Yes, I just have to make the most of joining up bits of bridleway or Byway. The Ridgeway/White Horse Way isn’t a million miles from here, but same sketch as you said with car travel time. FoD again is about an hour by car for me, if no traffic.

I tried cross and hated it (far too much faff and cleaning etc)
Neither do I like MTBing, though I do enjoy going on cobbles with the 25-28s on.

I prefer running XC.
I’ll probably quit again when I’m 40 and find something different entirely.
Like drinking and eating.

Yeah you’ll be sat on the sofa like White Goodman "F’king Chuck Norris!"