More COOKING/BAKING numptiness

It’s not the exact same forge/company but there is a very high concentration of heavy industry in that area of France. It’ll be to do with the availability of sand and other raw materials.

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I had to look that up.

I read too much Viz as a young man.


Ooo here’s a recipe I’d recommend. A potjie is just a cast iron pot (that Le creuset casserole :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and it can definitely be done on a conventional stove

I stand corrected. The cookware is now manufactured in the north of France. The reactor forge is in the east.

Maybe I will drive over to buy some more cookware. Or just wait for Ikea to reopen :thinking:

We are champing at the bit for that day!!!
“The List” is getting bigger by the day.

Outlet at Cheshire Oaks is pretty decent, for when that reopens.

Yes, that’s the first stop. Then Ikea.

they are doing deliveries…

At the over inflated Ikea delivery price. No thanks. :wink:

£5.95 for smaller items ain’t that bad??

Think I’ll stomach that for the Hemnes 2 drawer desk, then at least my wife and I can have separate office spaces.

Thanks for the heads up

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Replied o the DIY thread…£29 for a 19 day delivery :scream::sob:

Woke up to these. Almost a whole day to prove, rise, etc… and then she woke up early to bake them. Light as a feather. Amazing!


Oh nice! :yum:

There’s only one thing to bake today. ANZAC biscuits. :australia:

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I know Easter has already gone but I had flour restrictions back then. So this weekends fun is a hot cross bun loaf. Will report back later



50% success rate again this weekend.

Over proved one loaf.

But the hot cross bun loaf was amazing…



Vegan korma. First recipe done from the Vegan Cookery course I started this week. Was rather tasty.


Battenburg cake baked (most by the Mrs, not the little ‘un!)


Now we’re talking! That looks lush!

I fucking love Batternburg cakes.