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What is it?

It’s got runners and hinges so must be some sort of drawer or cupboard :rofl:

Yeah some sort of office cabinet thing.

The Mrs has stepped in and finished the drawers. Just the doors to go on now.

Fu*kin flat pack! Hate it! :joy:


No pics but noticed the tulips are showing a few cms of green this morning. We planted them quite late, mid Dec I think, so :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Possibly a bit late, but having just done our bathroom…

Get the hollow diamond tipped bits, cheap ones from Amazon are fine for a few holes. Drill a hole in something to act as a jig, I used a bit of concrete board, but you could use an old tile. Hold it in the desired place and the jig stops the bit wandering over the tile. Then spray with some soapy water while drilling to keep the bit the cool…simples.


@FatPom / @AndyS - sorry if I’ve got this totally incorrect, but I recall you insulated (?) your garage.
Just after a few pointers really…

  1. Difficulty rating
  2. Rough cost estimate
  3. Was it worthwhile?

Cheers :blush::smiling_face:

I didn’t to the extent I wanted. I put some EcoTiles floor mats down, which made a difference, that was approx £500 and I had an insulated, alarmed roller door fitted which was £1300.

I have single brick on the outer facing wall and breeze block on the ‘party wall’ with next door. The breeze block was already insulated.

I don’t have any ventilation, no air bricks, windows or extractor. Every time I looked at either having the single skin wall lined with batons and then pasterboarded, I got spooked by the ventilation issue.

I keep reading that insulation without ventilation just traps moisture and creates mould and damp. The same applies to the flat roof with rafters, although seems like some people do that and leave a gap between the roof and the Celotex (or whatever) but I can’t see how that’s enough ventilation.

The last quote I got, which was probably pre pandemic for the single wall was approx £250 with taped seams but not skimmed IIRC. Both guys that quoted said it really need ventilating though. So I never went any further with it.
I’d get it ventilated but the job seems too small for anyone to quote.


Thanks - that’s super helpful :slight_smile:

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Post 6779 is the starting message with pictures. :point_up:

I plastered/rendered the walls to add a bit of thickness and create a layer to paint. It’s a single breeze block wall so it’s only ever going to be so good. The big thing was lagging and boarding the ceiling, that’s definitely stopped it getting quite so cold. The most important thing is it’s created a nice place to be, I was out there a minute ago measuring up for a poster and a flag


Thanks @AndyS - Looks good :white_check_mark:
And gives me an idea

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I have these down in ours;

Changed from a cold concrete floor to a much nicer “room”. Also easier to clean and find whatever you have dropped :eyes:


I’ve been debating these. But our garage is pretty long so it’s not the cheapest exploit. I will keep debating…

Loving the fleet!

Minus the pics on the walls and a door (see buying stuff thread) the office is pretty much there. At last! It’s a tiny little room!

When we first moved in, in 2014.

A year later prepping for baby #1

The room as a nursery

Removing the awful built in wardrobe

Now :smiling_face: a few finishing touches to go.


That looks really good. I like it a lot. Looks like the room has served its purpose over the years and it’s now looking all grown up. The desk/chair setup is IKEA right (as it looks mighty similar to some of what I have at home).


Looks great :+1: What’s that chair like? I’ve been thinking of changing mine.

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Cheers! :smiling_face:

Yep, it’s all from IKEA actually. It’s up the road and convenient. Looked for ages for a decent chair in loads of different places, but we found it hard to agree on one!

Actually the lamp that you can’t see is John Lewis.

@FatPom I love it. Such a game changer after over 3 years of sitting on an old kitchen chair from the 1920s or something!


Good to hear, thanks. I’ve got a ‘proper’ chair but after nearly 4 yrs it’s starting to feel a bit work and the seat padding gets quite compressed after about 5hrs. I don’t like having arms in the way, so the ones on mine can be pushed up.
It’s not quite this one but very similar.


Looks great @gingerbongo

Loving the bold colours in there. Was lying in bed last night and clocked that every aspect of my current bedroom is white - everywhere, be bold!

Didn’t splash out on a mustard locker?


When I first saw that you were doing stripes I thought to myself check out LLBowen here this’ll look naff. And I’m going to eat my words (thoughts) it looks awesome. Really modern. I’m planning a garden room office (prob never happen) and I might copy you.


Don’t be pumping his tyres up too much boys, I get the impression this is 99% Mrs GB’s influence/work :grin: .