More DIY & Gardening numptiness

Pulled the trigger. First
Push was a lot easier than I expected - like a saw you should be able to rely on the sharpness of the blade than strength, was my immediate opinion.


Long wet grass (stopped raining an hour or so back iirc) is harder and twigs impossible.

It doesn’t so much collect grass as distribute it evenly around the garden.

Unattaching the grass box is not something I’ll ever do, just pick up the whole thing and tip it into the wheelie bin. It’s not light, and you have to empty it frequently.

1 Better than I had expected for £38.
2 A pleasure with short grass.
3 Not as versatile as the cheapest cordless I usually buy £125

No electric bills
Or charging time


I’ve also spent a couple of hours in the garden this afternoon, mowed the lawn and generally tidied. Looking much better but my lawn is absolute shite with several bare patches.


Yeah plenty of time in the garden and allotments here as well. Weeding, pruning, mowing and sowing, planting rhyzomes, topping up beds and pots and boxes with compost.

All soul warming, spring prep stuff. :smiling_face:

Got tomatoes and cucumbers and chilli seedlings all starting to make themselves known indoors.

No birds in either of my birdboxes so far though :pensive:


Although I’ve not bought any shingle yet I have three bags already to get started with so earlier today I tidied up a bit, put the weed membrane down and spread three bags of pea shingle out.

Within 20 minutes the cat came outside and peed on it - using it like a litter tray! :joy:


Against my judgment but currently making a start on some faux panelling. Some bloody instagram trend my Mrs has a hard on for

And yes, that’s a freshly plastered wall :roll_eyes::face_holding_back_tears:



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Let’s look through the round window…?



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Box blight or butterfly. Five years wasted. They’re only knee high FFS.


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Does anyone know anything about training wisteria along a fence?

My neighbour’s wisteria has been straggly over the fence for years, and I like free plants, so the two solid limbs coming through I might keep.

A few have rooted on my side as well so I could cut the ones coming through the fence and train new ones up it.


An hour of cutting and clipping later…almost no difference :sweat_smile:


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I got my mum a small one from aldi and read the different types only grow in a certain direction (left or right). Mums is planted so it can go either way do I’ll let you know in a year or two.
I’ve been removing ivy which has gone mad after a few years of neglect

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A bit of googling and for on a fence the answer seems to be: don’t.

I’ve cut one out and the bigger one is against a fence post so I’ll tie it in there as a tree rather than a climber.

Anymore what these are? Kill or cultivate?

The ones coming through the fence I would cut off - wisteria stems can get very very large over time so the chances are they will damage the fence. If they have rooted on your side, train any shoots up the fence and have a separate plant.

That’s a Mahonia. In the right place they can be spectacular when large but equally they can be right thugs and cause problems as they put out suckers which create more stems. If you want to keep it, move it away from the fence so it has space all round it so it can grow equally. Cut any suckers off below ground. You can tame them when they are bigger by cutting any unruly branches off.

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Cheers, will do :slight_smile:

And Inwill think of Police Academy every time I see them now too :policeman::policewoman::man_police_officer:


Very nearly done with this room now. Just a few odd jobs like putting the curtain pole back on, replace the door handle and rip up the carpet ready for replacement oh, and put our bed back together. That wall of panelling was a right pain in the arse, just way more work than I originally envisaged. I think though that it looks ok, not perfect but good enough. It was fun getting the mitre saw out though and I think I’ve done well cutting around the panels for the plug sockets

Not my fave choice of colours either but I’ve been vetoed. The pink is ‘setting plaster’.

A week off diy now :raised_hands:t2:


Bollocks, just realised I’ve forgotten to paint the window sill :roll_eyes:


Good work boss! Enjoy Cornwall. I’m sure it’ll be nice and dry and sunny.

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Fuck Cornwall I’m off to Rhodes

I’ll take it…


Patio Magic “review”



It gets better though:





Supposed to keep working for weeks/months so will keep an eye.