More DIY numptiness

Cheers mate, I think I’ll go with it, rather than a ‘show bench’. Stuff needs to get dirty. :+1:

Spent today sanding and painting the downstairs loo after the room was skimmed and mist coated way back in May! Managed to get most of the paint where it should and doesn’t look like a complete disaster. :smile:

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I was going to make a basic cabinet for my washing machine, so a freezer could sit on top…then I saw this at John Lewis clearance section today :+1:t3::ok_hand:t4:

Means I can now leave my “new to me” turbo permanently set up, without obstructing the washing machine door, in the utility room.
With the laptop/whatever on the shelf whilst spinning :+1:t3:

Stage 1 complete: :slightly_smiling_face:

I was quite happy until I noticed the state of the pointing in the top left corner!

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I know what you said but I built my own bench using off-cuts of kitchen worktop, and I’m no carpenter. They come up really cheap on eBay where people have had to but a whole length for just a small piece in a new kitchen. 4 legs and some thinner bracing from rough sawn timber that the DIY shop cut to length then just screwed it all together.
I half expected the worktops to start delaminating in a cold damp shed but they’ve been there for years now and still fine, ones even got a really heavy Myford Lathe on it.

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You mean they don’t do Ironman branded garage doors?!

Love a myford! What do you use it for?

I haven’t used it for quite a few years. I bought it when I was tinkering with motorbikes and putting engines, forks, wheels etc into bikes they were never meant for. Katanas & Vmax’s mainly. The ability to make the odd spacer or bracket on the spot rather than local engineering places which were less and less interested in little jobs as CADCAM took over was priceless.
I haven’t got rid of it as I would like to think it’s something I can get into later in life, stationary engines, steam engines, that sort of thing. I’ve even got the additional “Rodney” milling attachment to turn it into a milling machine, which I believe is quite rare.
Ps. I have absolutely no training and just muddle my way though, not an engineer of any description.

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Apparently they don’t work when the weather’s bad. :wink:

Nice to see you removed the wooden surround so the door is slightly bigger.

That’s cool. I had a great little myford lathe at my last school; a really sweet little machine, perfect for the kids to use and built really well. Could do most of the small jobs the kids needed to do. Would have one in a heartbeat at home but I only have room for a turbo, a couple of bikes and a top box!

I’ll post a picture of my shed one of the days. It’s the opposite of all these cool pain caves people show.
I think it’s 10x8ft and it’s got a Triumph Rocket 3, a Monkey Bike, Road Bike, TT Bike, Brompton, benches, tools etc. Every inch of wall is covered in shelves, even the door has plant pots screwed to the inside for my bike helmets, shoes etc.
I can just about make enough space to ride the TT bike on the turbo without hitting my knees on something whilst pedalling. Stops me riding bow legged like the LIONel though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are we about to have a TT shed-off? I bet mine is much messier/badly laid out. I have crap all over the floor, stuffed in corners etc and could really do with some proper clutter management!! haha

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There is more bike stuff in my shed than anything else and I try to keep it tidy, but it’s a never ending job. I usually go in and find a couple of our collapsible garden chairs thrown on top of my tt bike as certain people in the wheezy household can’t be bothered to put them back where they should go.

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haha I didn’t do anything except make them coffee. :blush: There never was a wooden surround, I think it was a horrible white painted steel thing. I’m quite amazed how fast the thing moves and how small it rolls up internally.

Finally getting around to sorting the back wall in our lounge (TV wall). Weve had a radiator removed and extra sockets put in but my BIL for some reason used ‘Sticks Like Sh*t’ to glue the D-line conduit about 50mm above the skirting board. It looked terrible.
So there has been much prep work with filling holes, removing glue, sanding down residual glue and the re-positioning new D-line to hide the cables directly above the skirting.
All that done, walls were sugar shaped, rinsed and under coated. Took me a good day to do all that.
Top coats tomorrow. ugh

Pics are in wrong order

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First top coat just finished.

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Finished. Even managed some relatively sharp edges! Right, TV, sofa, food!


Ah yes, good old Frog Tape. I was overjoyed once when I discovered our son had found it and decided to use a roll to tape random objects. NO! it’s £7 a roll FFS.

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Yeah it’s not the stuff to be wasting!

I do find it brilliant though. My tip is to use the Frog tape on the edge to get a nice clean finish but the stick a wide strip of the cheap paper type masking taking on the other edge to make it wider

I have 5 main projects this year:

Lounge room decorate
Garden landscaping
Garage fitout
Little One’s room decorate, carpet and storage
3rd bedroom decorate, storage

The Lounge and garden are projects for end of season/ autumn. Garage is underway but a WIP.

Both Little One’s room and 3rd bedroom need ceiling skimming (walls as well in LO’s room). These rooms are the priority that I’m trying to get done before Easter. Luckily I have lots of holiday to use for wallpaper stripping, prep, painting. So busy busy once the skimmers are booked.

Been looking how to do some kind of girly feature in LO’s room. Have any of you had any success with those stencil pictures you can paint on a wall? Easy, hard? Not looking at anything really elaborate, just a few stand a lone butterflies or something.