More DIY numptiness

… Yeah I live in East Devon.


Isn’t that North Dorset? :grin: :boom:


Dorset/Devon its all farmland and funny accents isnt it?


Definitely, it’s why we always tried to keep them up country :grinning:

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And many, many (extra) toes


cranford club must still exist in Exmouth surely, after all their failed efforts to turn themselves into a supermarket? But still the beach is closer, these people don’t realise you live in a pensioner commune and everyone else in the village is a retired major.

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Mate I was born Sussex, 13 toes and playing the banjo. Wouldnt be surprised if my parents are related.


I’ll have you know Budleigh came up in the Times or Independent (or something) best places to live. It is no longer solely a pensioner Town Mr Jibber I’ll have you know!

But, yeah. I’m not driving to Exmouth for a shower. I’m sure, as awful as a person as I am, that I’ve got a couple of mates in Budders at least that wouldn’t mind us using their shower. :joy:


Ah yes, newspapers, things which are only read by pensioners… so of course pensioners would vote for a pensioner town! How did it come on the Tik Tok list of places to live?

Top of course.

Come on, you can’t claim to still be relevant living in Swindon! :wink:


Mrs FB tells a tale of talking to a nurse at Yeovil Hospital who stated they see a high level of strange child illnesses due to the level of incest in and around the Devon/Somerset/Dorset area.

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Save you scrolling back to 30 Jan (its a slow process) but at least the bath now fitted and is in after the plastering (by a plasterer) and the plumbing/flooring by me (joists needed work due to some bad notching by others). Waterprroof membrane going on walls today and then tiling, which I like doing, starts next week plus basin cabinet and toilet etc


LOL @fatbuddha , not sure I have seen so much of that down here. Plenty enough farm accidents, trampled by cow, cider poisoning etc though.

At least on the Somerset/Dorset border it doesn’t rain 360+ days per year :thinking: :grinning:

@JD-Scarabtri great work on the khazi :+1: Both yours and @gingerbongo 's “before” shots made me wonder if you had fallen victim to asteroid strike. Great to see order restored :+1:


Getting a proper core workout. Digging over this patch, getting ready to level and reseed. Earth was very compact so had to use a mattock.

No comments about fence, being replaced on Thursday.


Whoever was taking the corners wrecked that didn’t they!


Several things to do today. The tall tulips we planted at the back just haven’t worked. Lovely colours but too tall for their heads and they just flopped over. Digging them out and will replace in Dec with more 30cm ones

Then I need to trim back the lavender in LOs garden. The seedlings in the planters are cosmos. Coming on nicely!

Then I need to get this lot

On here


We had an old swing chair that had rusted so cut that up and took to the dump. Started digging out the edges. First part is next to deck where the BBQ and Pizza Oven are going. Going tondig out, weed fabric and stone. Then new shed next to it.

Ive got the whole week off for jubilee so going to get it all done then.

Weve given up trying to sort a holiday this year so going to get the garden finished and have a proper staycation.

Luckily I can take leave pretty much at anytime so can wait for the decent weather.


Planters dead headed, tulips dug up and pots mounted on the fence with two uprights and two cascading plants. The pots will get a clean up layer when we water. Lavender trimmed back.

Japanese hollies given a haircut courtesy of LO😁


today I have mostly been building 2 x IKEA double wardrobe. Main carcasses and some shelves done - crack on tomorrow!


Does gardening count as DIY? All your gardens look amazing, I’ve spent a couple of hours cutting everything back so I can use the path and get back to my fence/shed project. Everything is growing mega fast.