My Fitness Pal - Passwords

Chaps. My McAfee scan on my personal details has shown that my username /password has been leaked from my fitness pal. It’s also been leaked from JeFit which have spoken about before . Not sure if anyone is using those. MFP is owned by UnderArmour as is MapMyRun for example and they possibly share authentication systems.

So if you have passwords for those sites that you use on other sites you need to go and change those. Of course change your MFP password also.


Edge and Chrome do some checks as well these days.

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They do yes. Chrome doesn’t tell you the source of leak which is annoying.

It’s very disappointing from MFP. First page of how to secure your website is don’t fucking store passwords in plain text.

It seems the breach happened a while back, data was being sold on the dark Web. Now its freely available.

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MFP also has terrible terms that basically allows them to sell all your data. I think there was a thread here about alternatives to MFP when the terms were updated.

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Ah, didn’t know that. Not sure who be interested in buying my dietary diary though.

“Here Igor look at this, this fat fuck had 2 footlong sandwiches from Subway”


As the saying goes, if a product is free, you are the product.

I get a very insightful look into data, its exchange and worth as a knowledge asset in my job. It’s pretty scary.


But what if you had two bottles of wine last night. And the night before. And you’re a surgeon.

Some good blackmail potential there

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