Name a design classic that has affected you

I was looking at our outrageously expensive SMEG toaster and kettle today and thinking ‘who decided that was good design’? I know as much about art and design as a monkey knows about brain surgery and I always assumed that if I had to name one classic, it would be a guitar but it isn’t.

The one design classics that has personally affected me the most is the Ducati 916 (SP to be precise). Horribly slow steering on track and useless on the road but my god, it could make the blind see again.

What’s yours, pick one only.



Interesting question you pose.

I think the touchscreen phone as pioneered with the original iPhone in 2007 is surely the most influential current design (if one assumes cars have gone through too many iterations to be one design). Total ubiquity; can you imagine life now without them?


I first remember seeing it fly when my dad took me to the Farnborough Airshow in 1978. It did a high speed pass along the flight line after taking off and even now, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so loud. I won a competition to have a look around one a few years later, and got shown round the flight deck while they were doing maintenance on one. It was just such an amazing piece of engineering and probably one of the reasons I went into an engineering degree. Growing up in Kingston, Concorde would regulary fly over near us, usually on a Saturday morning at 10am, while I was playing for my football team. I’d also go running in Richmond Park and we’d regularly see, and hear it, on final approach into Heathrow. It was quite a big part of the background of my childhood. It was just always there. A sad day, when they were taken out of service.




Shit, you made me feel guilty about not thinking about planes. That is a classic. But for me it’s:



1992 but still looks pretty great


I think we can end this thread here :slight_smile:

Absolutely iconic and a travesty they couldn’t have been kept in service one way or another, even if it was only pleasure flights.

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Decades ahead of its time… I think we have to get to the p4 era? Before today’s bikes caught up.

Iconic bike, and a great back story

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That was a Mike Burrows brain child wasn’t it?

Yeah I think @wheezy has won.

What an icon.

I’ll chip in with Lego. Cannot wait for my boys to outgrow Duplo and get into Lego!


Omg yes Lego.

My boys are 7 and 10 and all suddenly into Lego in a big way…

We’ve organised all branches of the family to buy them Lego and added to it ourselves. I reckon after 9am Xmas day we won’t need to talk to them again until new year…:joy:


Just don’t stand on it :grimacing:

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I fell in love with this. I even managed to own one for a few years. Desperately wish I had kept hold of it. Guess I could buy one again, but they are basically unusable today.

However, it was stunning. It still looks modern.

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I’ve still got my blueberry iMac up in the loft. I still get it out occasionally, and fire it up for old times sake. image


Had one of those in orange.

Had a G4 too. Used to absolutely love rhat

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Have the blueberry iMac too, also a couple of SE30s which are tech classics if not design ones

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I think there’s a few gorgeous iterations of the Porsche 911. I do love the Jaguar XJS, a real thing of beauty.


Lovely car but I think I’d have to go down the D-type or E-type if it were a Jag


You’re right, the E-type is a stunning car but I was thinking of cars I saw when young and I’m not quite that old.

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