Name that aircraft! 😀

Few days ago it was 120 years since the Wright Brothers first flight.

It was also 60 yeads there or there abouts since the first flight of the A-12 which was a pre cursor to the more widely known SR-71 blackbird.

Amazing that it took just 60 years to go from a flight 10ft off the ground at 7mph and a distance of <200ft to a plane that could fly at 85,000ft at >3x the speed of sound.


I’m sure you’re already aware of this @GRamsay but there’s a great story about an SR-71 crew and their exchange with a centre controller…

Apologies if already mentioned


Its a great interaction. Brian Shul is one hell of a character. Shot down in Vietnam and burned so bad they didnt think he would live to come back and pilot the Blackbird.

He wrote a book called Sled Driver which is supposed to be excellent but is impossible to get hold of without spending hundreds.


C-17 can go reverse thrust in flight and descend at 20,000ft/minute. Commercial planes descend at about 2,000ft/minute.

Cant decide if that would be a lot of fun, or scary as hell.


I think the amazing thing about that is that there would have been a test pilot and crew who did that for the first time.


Yeah especially as a Lauda Air 737 crashed after a thrust reverser deployed in flight.

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Anyone fancy a trip in a 737 Max?

Alaska Airlines grounds 737 Max 9 planes after section blows out mid-air Alaska Airlines grounds 737 Max 9 planes after section blows out mid-air - BBC News



Doesn’t seem likely to be a design fault. Much more likely to be quality control issue in the manufacturing - so probably avoid all boeing’s newer than a few years.

Not sure flying an Alaska airlines plane would be a good idea, given that plane had “pressurization warnings” for the last two flights apparently.


They were having to inspect rudder bolts in the Max 8 recently as well. That plane is cursed.

Done worry though the US lawmakers are waving deadlines to fix the original problem with the MCAS which caused the first 2 crashes.


Apparently the fuselage was built in the middle of a strike too, certainly looks a lot like poor quality control on a less than 2 month old aircraft…

Max also has this one - if you forget to turn off the de-icer, the engine will drop off or something… I always wondered why the rear de-icer on the cars kept turning off.

Also did people see that the pilot in the Japan crash had to spend minutes convincing some passengers to get off the burning plane as they were too scared?


FAA have grounded all the Max 9s now.


Boeing engineers working on the next 737 Max.


I’m surprised that the Boeing share price didn’t fall by more than it did, but maybe it was already at rock bottom :man_shrugging:

The bloke who found the bit that dropped off the Alaskan flight in his back yard seemed quite chuffed with himself. He didn’t seem at all concerned by the amount of damage that it would have caused if it had landed on his house :roll_eyes:


Boeing is so well protected by the US government that I think even with massive problems its seen as a reasonably safe bet.

They need to get their act together though. Lots of airlines will no doubt be looking at the Airbus A320neo over the 737 Maxs now and the A350 is already in use while the 777-9 is late and the 777-10 a pipedream.


It’s looking like the same issues as Challenger faced. The Challenger documentary on Netflix was great at highlighting how the ownership and responsibility for safety was just passed on and passed on until people paid the price.


There is a Netflix doco about Boeing as well thats interesting. At the start they were run and managed by engineers and had a really strong engineering ethic. Then they merged with McDonald Douglass and the board and CEO etc were replaced with more business/sales focused people and the engineering ethic fell away.

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Now you mention it - I think I watched that too. Maybe I didn’t watch all the episodes.

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Looks like when they thought they bought McDonnell Douglas they instead bought Ronald MacDonald


The MD DC3 was a great plane imho - nicely spacious compared to Boeings

This should appeal to a few of the planespotters on here! Taken on the low level Machynlleth Loop in N Wales

Oh - and this - wow