New bike for new tri athlete

Thanks for all the replies guys, think I’ll do as many of you have suggested and hang fire until the back end of summer.

As for the £1000 limit, what many people who I work with do is buy a bike for x amount use the 1000 c2w voucher and pay the rest cash. All the shops do is say they have sold you a 1000 bike. There’s lots of independent shops where I live who just want to make a sale.

If you do go the tri bike route and you’ve got the time and cash, I’d recommend having a tri fit before you get the bike. Some framesets can’t accommodate certain configurations, so even if you get “the right size” it may not be able to give you your best fit.

Slowtwitch have several articles on it. Long and short is that a tri fitter should be able to recommend models and sizes to fit your optimum stack/reach.

How about an aero road bike? You might be able to find some at £1500. Just had a quick look and ribble do some here

Ribble Aero 883 is £1600