New Ironman website

About time, but the jury’s still out, not tried it on a tablet etc. yet


Its a sack o shit

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But who wouldn’t want one of these…

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Agreed. I still can’t seem to login to my own profile?!

All google searches link to main homepage too :rage:

It’s a pile of ####. Half of the pages are empty if you look at event pages.

Everything says “coming soon”…

And the results pages extend off the screen on an iPad so that you can’t access the filters… (no ability to scroll)

It seems like they’ve just added some new artwork to the same old content and navigation, and not added anything of value… bit rubbish really!


Why isn’t Cozumel and Arizona on the home page?
Where are the results? The Pro interviews?


Yep, definitely pants and rushed, hopefully they’ll actually get it usable before long.


Tried to use it today to look at course details. What a shit show.

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Tried to use it today to look up their apology for the death at Cozumel.

About all you can do is enter races :roll_eyes:

Looks like they’re gearing up for promoting training plans, content and a new app. Perhaps they could’ve hired some professionals to do it though.

Looks like they’ve released it before it’s actually ready :roll_eyes: