New tubs

Need some new tubular tyres for a really nice set of xentis HM Carbon wheels.

Got two brand new gators but these probably deserve better…!?

23-24 mm so I can use them on any of my bikes.

Any recommendations, for sale or advice greatly received.

Vittoria Corsa G+ at £95 a pair on Wiggle at the minute.
Tan wall, 23mm for the win


+1 for these, brilliant tyre



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Has @Poet 's pooch fallen under a steamroller?

Ha ha
I seriously hope not…

I’m not a grass but…

I hear that a lot in my line of work…

Thomas has been on IMUK IMJ!

And you WERE such good friends…

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He’s probably got a few dozen hashtags he needs to drop!

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He’s ##### ing with the best of them
Went with 23 mm too…!
These were cheap as chips, brand new, plan x

I’m glad they were brand new, from PX!

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Plan x have previous for selling returns…
Not sure they could do that with tyres.

They were very very poorly packaged, BOGOF!! Ish

What tape are people using these days? I can’t be faffed with glue and I think I’ll treat my wheels to new tubs this Spring. Got tubs need tape…ta


Is there any other tape?

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Cheers for the heads up!!!
Been looking at the normal ones for £100/pair, but these seem a bit more palatable at £60.

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One for @Jorgan
But 27mm…

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They seem very narrow for 23 mm…!?

Quite a lot of rubber on the tread, side walls a little thin …?!

Nice finish

Too wide for my wheels I’m afraid.

Too wide for my wheels I’m afraid.

Narrow rim…!?

I have a few sets of tubs…

28”s are going on one of them… none are particularly wide rims …?

Wide tyres on narrow rims is an aero sin.

I was waiting for that …
Comfort and grip are more important to me at this stage…

Grippiest tubs…!?

Veloflex carbons been told by two different people…!?