Next weekend in Germany?

Ive just been told to take my son to Germany this weekend while I was making my coffee and contemplating emptying a shed. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

Ill be dropping my son with his Aunt and Uncle for a week, he’ll be tagging along with his uncle at work to encourage him out of his shell and see what work is like.

Nobody seems concerned whether this is necessary travel or not, and they dont give a crap about covid where he’s going - but Im just following orders, ma’am.

So whats going on around Frankfurt;


EDIT: Im there saturday/sunday, he’s there for the week.

I’ve heard that throughout the first wave, that in many European countries, people just carried on going into work (albeit with masks I think) as WFH is not a Continental ‘thing’. They certainly did this in Germany. With all the hot air and agendas in the MSM, it’s hard to know what’s happening around the UK let alone abroad. But I think that the UK is taking a more ‘hands on’ approach than most.

Oktoberfest is end of Sep/early Oct. But I’d imagine it was cancelled anyway! Let me wrack my brains about the Fft area; I don’t know it massively well, as I was Bavaria based. Fft itself is a financial centre, and not a very ‘attractive’ city compared to many, so he’d have to head out of the city. The ‘best’ bits are likely to be along the River Rhein, but I’m guessing he’s a teenager :sweat_smile: Places like Wiesbaden & Rudesheim are nice.

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Pretty sure Ill be on my own if I get time to explore, so he gets a break without immediate family, the whole change thing.

Ah right sorry, I thought he was going on his own! Obviously for you, there are all the vineyards! Oppenheim area (I stayed there once) has a lot of that going on. There’s the European Space Centre in Darmstadt. How far are you prepared or able to travel?

Also car travelling distance are Koblenz, Cochem & Wurzburg. As you can tell, Frankfurt is not really ‘cultural’ Germany.

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Not sure about Germany not being bothered.

My bro in law works in Frankfurt but lives in Nuremberg and had to get a specific letter from the equivalent of public health to allow him to move between the cities. My nephew from france is on a long weekend with school or something in Hamburg but needed a negative test before going. My sister in Nuremberg is back to 100% WFH.

Wouldn’t be too flippant about it, might be worth checking the travel requirements before going.


There’s the old part of town where the IM finishes that isn’t too bad, and across the river.

I’d guess a lot of summer sports have finished now?

The Romerberg is where the IM finishes; but it’s a very small enclave of older buildings in a sea of concrete.

I’m trying to think of a UK equivalent to Frankfurt, but there isn’t one; in that it’s a big modern city (financial centre) with very little older culture within it.

Canary Wharf

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Not really, because the sights of London are close-by. With Frankfurt, you have to travel away from the city.

Wiesbaden wasn’t bad but about 30 miles I think?

I’ve had a look at the Run events calendars, and everything looks cancelled.

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No quarantine between UK and Germany at either end?



As long as its a direct flight

I dont really need to be impressed with culture, Im happy to find a run route and explore - it is what it is :slight_smile:

To be honest, I only posted because I was so stressed out with the last minute upheaval. Now Ive had a row with the mrs I feel better, but Im going to be paying for the rest of the year. :man_shrugging:t2:🤦🏻

I had a friend holiday in Italy recently, apparently flights are still pretty straighforward. Just wear a mask and pray.


Lots of running…you could just run a marathon along the River; at least it won’t be 40 degrees like the IM every July :rofl:


You must tell us more about that when you have some spare time :joy:


Tbh, like you, my Ironman ‘adventures’ would probably make a marginally better read than a lot of the dross out there in blogs and vlogs! You should feel privileged :rofl:


are you moving into Vlog territory?!

Now that would be funny!


3 hr 40 minute flight to Rhodes. Flight crew closed the front toilets and reserved them for themselves leaving only two at the rear. Muggins and family here are placed on the rear row. I’ve never seen so many people piss on a flight. Must have been a constant 5/6 people in a queue for the duration :disappointed:

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