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Oddly I love the game most when it’s a low scoring, attritional battle of two running offences.


Ha, yes those A Football life programmes are addictive aren’t they.

Predicting a Chiefs win I think

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@TROSaracen – Super Bowl XVII in 1983 was the first game I saw live on TV and, at the time, I didn’t appreciate the skills involved in running ‘hard yards’. Afterall, John Riggins and the Washington O-line made it look so easy (I also watched a documentary about him).

Whereas, these days I can appreciate the tactics I see unfolding on the field, on both sides of the ball, which will determine what kind of game it is.

@Adam – The New Heights podcast is enough for me to cheer for the Chiefs. The fact the Chiefs found a way to stop the Ravens, on the road, suggests that “Spags” will have a plan for the 49ers too. Although, it would be a fairytale ending for Brock Purdy if he managed to win it.

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It always amazes me how recently the Super Bowl started.

It feels like an integral part of US culture, so you imagine it starting a lot earlier than the 1960s :man_shrugging:

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By comparison…

1872 - 1st FA Cup for football
1872 - 1st Claret Jug for golf
1879 - 1st Calcutta Cup for rugby

1881 - Gun fight at the OK Corral :cowboy_hat_face:


Jokes aside, American football has been played since the 1920s, but the current Super Bowl format didn’t start until two rival leagues (now AFC & NFC) were merged in the 60s.

There is a fascinating book, by Rich Cohen, called “Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football” which gives a lot of background into the early teams and how the NFL was formed.


Good game so far, 49ers defence has been outstanding. Mahomes has to come out and get some points on the board!


Definitely a defence heavy game, with so many ‘3 & outs’ on both sides.

But another tense game with all to play for as the clock ran out. :sunglasses:

Viva Las Vegas!

College football dates back way further than that!


Finally got round to buying a ‘toy’ mini replica helmet now I’ve got my own space in the house.

Wanted one for a while, quite pleased with it!


Nice (altho bad recent history for the Giants!)

I really need to sort some shelving and cabinetry in my outside office and training space. Mainly to store all the stuff that’s currently visible in stacked boxes, but I also want some shelves to put bits like this on display. I have both my old helmets from playing days, and I’d also like to get a couple of my old shirts framed (definitely my GB students one). They’re the sort of things that wouldn’t be appreciated at all in the main house, so that seems a logical location.

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