What’s going on in Norway at the moment? Have they just tapped a new reserve of some sort of super special fjord water or something?

You’ve got the three lads making waves in tri at the moment, the three Ingebritssen (sp?) lads and now the chap who just stormed to gold in the 400m hurdles.



Blumenthal is amazing. Kind of defies physics. I worried for the pavement, seeing him run barefoot at Superleague Jersey at the weekend. With that engine and strength, be interesting to see what he can do at ironman.

Gustav Iden’s performance at Nice on a road bike was incredible.

There’s some good stuff going on over there, other countries can’t a-fjord to ignore it.

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apparently most of their training is zone 1.

or something like that.

Guess they must do a lot of it.

Yeah, let’s go with that. :upside_down_face:

Maybe they have had an injection of Govt money? Much like British Cycling…

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I absolutely love the way he explores the sensory pairing of foods - incredible.


Oh yeah. Blummenfelt, Blumenthal, it’s all like a foreign language to me, Norwegian. I meant Gordon Ramsay anyway.

took me a while to get that!!!

TBF their Nordic skiers have had some of the largest measured Vo2’s ever, is it because they have started doing other sports than skiing, and have been sleeping giants for a lot of years?

Although I suspect there’s plenty of accusations!


Oh i wasn’t insinuating that in the slightest. just weird how a reasonably visible group of young lads have suddenly come into the spotlight in the sports i follow. As you say, they’ve been strong in the winter sports arena for as long as they have been around.

If their XC team is anything to go by, they’ve had an injection of something.

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I think that is due to the higher amount of muscle recruitment in skiing that necessitates a higher VO2 max, if the same athlete was a cyclist they would have developed a lower VO2 max. That’s the explanation I’ve seen reported anyhow.

That looks like a Halvard approved post. :smile:

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Same as rowing. Rowers have absurd VO2max. Even more absurd when they are considered as ‘absolute’ (the roaring V12 of the sports world)