Olympics 2021

2 weeks to go. Tokyo in a state of emergency the events are going to be without spectators. That has to have an impact on some.

So what predictions do we have? I’ll start with what I know which is limited.

Swimming. Peaty has to be dead cert for the Gold. Caleb Dresell is going to take the fly gold. He’s already beaten Phelps WR. Katie Ledecky will have finished, showered and had a bite to eat before 2nd place rolls in.

That’s about all I know. No idea who the favourites in the 100/200m sprints, nor the longer races.

What about cycling. The Kennys are both in aren’t they.

Triathlon. Think we have a strongish team on the women’s side, not followed much about the men’s.

Really enjoyed the last 2, but this one feels somewhat lacking. No Phelps, No Bolt. No spectators. Shitty time difference meaning won’t be watching anything live.


The triathlons aren’t too bad for watching live, 1030pm I think. Although it’s not guaranteed they will be on the BBC live as they have much more limited broadcast rights than the last two.

I don’t like watching triathlon :rofl:

It’s the swimming I love. Just one event after another. But with no spectors there is going to be no atmosphere at all


I usually follow track cycling pretty closely, but I’ve no feel for how we’re going to go this time. Recent results haven’t been spectacular, but BC have a track record of mediocre results between Games and then smashing it out of the park at the Olympics, so who knows?


Yeah I’ve heard nothing. I haven’t been looking but I’m sure in the past there has been a lot more talk going in about their strength.

One person I’ll be rooting for is Helen Glover in the rowing. Retires after Rio, has 3 kids, then decides to come back and immediately wins the European championship


Yeah can’t say I’m excited about the Olympics in the slightest this year. Previously I’ve loved it, and watched as many sports as I can. Totally ‘meh’ about it.

I think Alex Yee has to be in with a shout in the triathlon. Swimming seems to have come on to point of getting in main bike group then his run is possibly the best of anyone…

But yes, 8 laps or whatever of non-drafting bike “racing” is even less of a spectacle than an Ironman.

So many amazing results, everyone just training for the extra time, going to be smashing it out of the park, records falling everywhere!

Bit of a meh feeling but I was a bit the same before the Euros, TdF - in fact most sports since Covid. Interest has always picked up once the action begins, so possibly the same with the Olympics.


Laura Muir for the 1500m, stiff competition however from a bright young runner in the 800m - Keely hodkinson. We have real prospects in women’s 100m and 200m I think, heptathalon and pole vault.

Callum Hawkins for the men in the marathon. Don’t know about the weird fringe sports - climbing’s making its first appearance isn’t it? Shauna coxsey… Errr :thinking: Skateboarding… god knows what else… horseys and things, cycling round in circles inside etc etc

Wow - will the stadiums be completely empty? That’ll be weird partic with medal ceremonies

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That’s what I read earlier. Maybe they are setting us up for the worst case and there will be an improvement

The reports seem to point to the olympics being extremely unpopular in japan, and they don’t have the vaccination or existing infections to limit delta - so games continuing with no-one is likely the best we’ll get.


Just catching up with it - 15% of pop vaccinated, surge in cases, a state of emergency and no one in Japan wants the games to go ahead. Seemingly Tokyo pushing ahead because of revenue etc - wow. Pretty bleak.

From what I recall. Last year it was yeah we’ll move it but it goes ahead next year come what may and no chance of moving it.

Suppose they can’t really move it again because it fucks up the cycle for the next and the next host doesn’t want it so close.

So the only options are kill it, never going to happen, or run it as a bag of shit

It seems that a lot of countries in the area went for 0 covid, strong border control and not a great vaccine program

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don’t write off Morgan Pearson’s running - he was gaining on Yee in Leeds. Yee needs to be off the bike in the front pack to stand a chance of winning but if Pearson, Blummenfelt or Luis are also in the mix at that time, then it will be very interesting.

Brit girls are in with a good chance of a medal or 2 but Duffy will need watching.

the heat and humidity will also play a big part in this

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Spirig going well as well. Kingma been getting some good results.

French’s to lose in the really I’d say. With a number of strong teams - UK , Aus, USA, Bel

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Put me down as NFI this time around. I sat in the canteen at work and watched the Rio Men’s Triathlon live😅 Who do we have in it this year??

Men - Alex Yee & Jonny Brownlee

Ladies - Georgia Taylor-Brown, Vicky Holland, and Jess Learmonth

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