Olympics 2021

Should be 2 medals from the 3 races, 3 at a stretch. Golds will need some luck I think.

Not sure if this is the right thread but I hadn’t heard of this before today (saw it on GTN). What on earth was the issue? Surely if the cap was bigger, that’s a disadvantage right?


I’m not sure they explained their reason for banning it. It was a bloody stupid decision. Took them ages to ban the plastic suits that actually made a massive difference, but these were banned before anyone got chance to wear one.

It’s not like swimming is the most diverse sport going , and this made them look way out of touch.


Issue was the idea that it didn’t fit natural shape of the head. Could possibly see how in the future developments could allow people to design hats that try to offer an advantage.

But yes it’s a bad decision, and one that doesn’t help swimmings enormous diversity problem. But, all publicity is good and it’s got people talking more than if they’d just allowed it. Probably added millions to the value of soulcap if they chose to be bought out, at a good time with Alice Dearing being an ambassador for them.

Hopefully they’ll realise (given they are now reviewing the decision after the backlash) and change the wording of the rule so they can allow them.




I am sure Eufa could fill them with suits…


It didn’t fit the shape of the head which, iirc, is in the rules…

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Love watching sports I never usually watch - just seen the final of the women’s 48kg judo - great win for the lady from Kosovo against the lady from Japan

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So if we get no medals in triathlon, what does it mean for triathlon in the UK?

Do we all have to take up rowing instead, or square dancing or some such?

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Olympic triathlon starts at 10.30pm BST I understand. Is it live somewhere on the BBC? Hopefully they will be showing it all with popping away intermittently to other sports.

I haven’t seen them cutting away to other sports so far, I’m assuming its bbc 1

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You should be able to get anything uninterupted on the red button

iplayer app has all the sports streams without cutting back and forth

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Only two live streams this year

I would expect the triathlon will be uninterrupted though as it’s very early Japan time and there won’t be much else going on at the same time

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Depends what else is on as BBC only have rights to show 2 channels concurrently. I’m guessing there won’t be much else on at 6:30am Tokyo time, unless BBC want to big up Peaty’s final for 5 hours.

Eurosport has full streams of everything, although not hearing great things about their coverage so far.

Has anyone seen bbc 1 interrupted so far?

The steam is uninterrupted but the sport you want to watch may or may not be on, and may be cut away from to something else.

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Road Race was interupted a couple of times, and switched from red button to BBC1 for the climax, which is annoying when the stream switches too.

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You can get a free 3 day trial of Discovery+ if need be.

I’ve gone for a month for a fiver

If you have sky its free for a year.