Olympics - big names

Maybe I’ve not paid much attention but with the Olympics coming there doesn’t seem to be the same amount of big names we are used to.

First time in 5 Olympics there is no Phelps, first in 4 with no Bolt.

Is there anyone that’s odd on favourite? For swimming: Peaty in the breaststroke for sure, Ledecky in basically everything 400m and above and probably in the 200m if she has a punt. Dressel in the fly.

Athletics? 100m men’s, no clue, 100m women, no clue.

Is it just me or does it all seem a bit tame?

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Sounds good to me. I’d rather watch a race than listen to the usain bolt fan club


Apart from the cycling, I can really take or leave the summer Olympics but can’t get enough of the winter version.

The only build up I’m seeing is on this forum and other Tri related channels.

Winter Olympics is a lot of fun. Curling. The skiing, biathlon. Great events

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Feel for the 10k chaps who regularly run the distance on the track to find that Farah is tipping up for his first track 10k in four years at the trials. I know it’s about the best representing GB but maybe he should suck it up and stick with the half or full marathon.

Think I have detached a bit from the secondary sports I follow, maybe due to 2020 being a nothing year. Maybe Covid has made them less important, or I just don’t engage until they start and therefore can’t be cancelled.

Footy Euros start in 6 days, barely registering with me. Lions Rugby tour, sometime this summer but no interest at the moment. Cricket and Olympics similar.

Been up for and following the cycling and triathlon still, just not the broad spread of other stuff.


That pretty much explains the exact way I’ve been feeling of late.

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Maybe he should have listened to you:

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Mo has just become a pastiche of himself. I couldn’t care less what he does. Plus you know Nike, Salazar etc


I’d missed that Johnny is leaving short course after Tokyo as well. I got the impression he was quite keen on Super League.

I’d speculate that he only really liked SL as there was a better chance of earning a decent income… and now PTO are starting to drive that same potential into long distance racing, he’s heading where he wanted to be for some time but couldn’t go due to lack of money… but that’s just a suspicion.


Simone Biles is a pretty sure thing for multiple golds.


Looking forward to seeing Dina Asher Smith doing her thing in the 100 and 200m

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DAS could medal, but I am not sure she is going to get gold.
KJT should be in with a pretty good shout in the heptathlon.
I wouldn’t be surprised if a Japanese woman sneaks a medal in the marathon.
Naomi Osaka in the tennis?

This probably applies to most ‘grand’ things; Hollywood films, professional sports, the Kardashians and so on…

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Hassan knocked 10s off the women’s 10K track WR yesterday in her new spikes.
A former Salazar athlete, she is also WR holder for the mile, road 5km, one hour run and the 10,000m, plus 1500m and 10,000m world titles.

It’s the spikes, it’s got to be the spikes :wink:


… and flashy lights around the track showing WR pace.


Still can’t really see it happening. What happens once there are positive tests in the village and half those athletes get stuck isolating? Unless they’re going to be exempt from normal isolation rules, like NHS staff etc, there’ll be events where the winner is the only one who didn’t get pinged by the track and trace.