Online Farm Produce

Anyone got any recommendations for really good quality farm produce delivered? I find more and more that supermarket produce is largely tasteless, even Waitrose Organic.

Problem in MK is everything is massive chains. Couple of butchers and greengrocers but they don’t look very special.

I’m doing a full Gordon Ramsay menu for Christmas day. Roasted tomato soup, Beef Wellington, Baked Alaska.

Need really good tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms (the Wellington has a mushroom duxelles rather than pate), herbs (thyme, basil), parma ham, green veg, organic flour.

Fine Food Specilaists and FarmDrop are two I’ve been looking at, but no idea if they are any good.

I’ve just done a decent meat order from Lake District Farmers. I was looking for a more local online butcher but cheshire is a funny one - either ridiculous price or a chain. Not cooked any of the meat yet so not entirely sure of quality but seemed a reasonable deal.

My brother who used to be a chef in Amersham recommended HG Walter butchers. Looked quite good but more London focussed.

Fresh produce I just get disillusioned wherever I go. We’ve got an “honesty box” farm shop up the road which can have some decent things but not always.

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I ordered a centre cut fillet from Meat and Cleaver. No idea if they are any good but everywhere else was either selling out or had no delivery slots for 23rd Dec so I took what I could.

We do have a farm shop nearby where we get straw and hay for the bunnies , but it seems to be mostly jarred products and cakes etc. Hardly any fresh produce.

Wolverton farmers market every second Saturday.
CMK outdoor market has about 4 different fruit&veg stalls which are pretty good.
Morrisons Westcroft meat counter is really good (town centre Morrisons not so good).
Padbury has an amazing butchers.
Lots of good farm shops dotted around - mainly western side of MK in a semi-circle from Pottersbury to Stowe to Buckingham to Mursley to Padbury to Hunters (A5 Bletchley) - just Google and go. I tend to pop in to some when cycling around just to see what they have.


Thank you. I will go and check a few out.

Is this website any good?

Try joining Nextdoor as it is a good way of getting opinions from people very local to you when you have a question like this.

Put in a massive order at FarmDrop. They supply stuff from many different farms.

Just got an email from them saying sorry but yesterday was our last delivery and we are done. Very sad for them, but leaves me with no delivery and now need to go find somewhere else.