Outlaw 2013 vs The Surface of Mercury

“But you weren’t there, man”
Erm, well, I was, I rode 134km that day and recall it being warm, but not skin meltingly so.

So…I went on the historical temps data so we can now lay this one to rest:

“Pleasantly warm”

I rest my case.

Feel free to add images and reports of your hottest/coldest races and we will judge them :+1:t3:


nice cooling northerly breeze there as well!

I feel I must add that Venus is actually the hottest Planet in our Solar system; about the same as Frankfurt on Ironman weekend.


Frankfurt 2010. Threw molten lava over myself at the finish to cool off. Apparently the heat coming out of Frankfurt that weekend raised the surface temperature of the Sun.

I only fully cooled down last week. Etc…


Frankfurt is definitely prone to heatwaves in early July. Avoid if you don’t like heat, split transitions, city races etc. Very little shade on the run. 34.5% DNF/DNS rate the year I did it.

But lordy, you all know this.

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Cant find my Garmin file, but September 2018 Gauntlet half iron, I recorded 2°C on the bike and rain.

I couldn’t feel anything below my waist, until 2km into the “run”.

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I’ll give you it was nice to ride in… one of the most glorious rides I’ve ever had. Not a drop of wind.
But when I started that run - I just melted!!!

What also didnt help - there wasnt any heat in the previous months - I remember only one day when the temp went above 20c. So there was no acclimatisation.

The DNF in 2013 was pretty high!

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2013 was a very odd year weather wise. I remember Oakley 20 getting cancelled after a foot of snow fell, that was the last weekend in March.

February lasted 90 days and ended in mid May.

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Ha yes that was nasty. And to make matters worse it warmed up a lot after lunchtime, which baked my soaking muddy socks to my feet. Add in 5 hour drive home afterwards and I had to shower in my socks before I could peel them off.



that happened a couple of London Mara’s ago as well didn’t it? Cold winter then one seriously random hot day for the race. Loads of DNFs and slow times.

I do remember Frodo being asked about dealing with the heat and humidity of Kona and he said you just have to go slower. I think if you’re notnused to the heat, or relative heat, maybe it is easier to head off at your normal pace. Obviously he has never raced in the East Midlands :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::fire::fire::comet:

Although Brits moan like f*ck in the slightest bit of warmth and sun. The Outlaw half was probably about 22°C when I had finished and the high was 24°C and everyone was running around moaning with beetroot faces. Perfect running weather FFS.


As I remember, Outlaw doesn’t have that much shade either? More than Frankfurt, but that run 4x around the lake is exposed to wind & sun; it’s soul destroying.

What we must remember is official records are shade temperature. So if Frankfurt was 39-40, then during the afternoon in sunlight it’s more like 50+ and Outlaw at 25-6 would be well over 30 in direct sunlight. Hamburg was only 35, so child’s play really, eh @jeffb

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Yep… we had massive snow drifts in Notts that weekend…

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Yes, it was pretty chilly in the Hamburg sun at only 35c :hot_face: even for a northerner that’s only pleasant :joy:

Although the year I did Frankfurt people DNF’d with hypothermia :roll_eyes:

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I wonder if that was the year someone I know fell asleep in a portaloo on the run; he said it was biblical & cold. These German events tend to be one extreme or the other; Roth is another good example of that.

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2016, there was certainly a few pro’s that suffered as it was non-wetsuit for them, bit of a crazy decision based on hard numbers with no room for common sense.

I think Ryf might have been one but don’t quote me.

When I was running there was a few rain showers and the wind picked up for a while, seem to recall it improved by the evening though :thinking:

And those railway lines in town were a bit scary when they were wet :flushed:

I did an Oly (yes, yes I know but it takes me nearly as long as a HIM for you lot) near Worcester the week after that Outlaw in 2013, Saturday lunchtime start as they have a party/BBQ in the evening for those camping.
River swim was nice, bike Ok but fell apart on the run and wasn’t fully with it by the end. Probably shouldn’t have driven home but only realised how bad I was when I got some cold drinks down me (strawberry milk is a miracle cure) at the first petrol station and immediately perked up.
Don’t do the race anymore as been ill 2 of the 3 times I’ve done it.
Ps. That was the same day some army recruits died on Brecon, doing the SAS/PARA fitness test or something like that (I’m sure you guys know the details better than me)

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Can you imagine that Hamburg docklands loop in the wet; a guy came off (hard) in front of me on one of the carpeted sections! Luckily they had stewards on every rail crossing. Although I’m guessing if the carpets were wet & heavy they wouldn’t move about like they did in the dry, causing ridges.

Not race related but few years back when I was working at HQLF in Amdover we were consigned to a MAU. Mobile Accommodation Unit. It had a tin roof and a wall of glass that faced south. No AC. During one hot summer people nearly died. Back then EDS Defence insist that we all wore full suit and tie whilst on customer premises. Rotten.