Outlook help

OK, I have no idea how to explain this issue without a screen share but that will have loads of info I’d rather not have out there.

We use Outlook 365 here. I always set my views up in the same way, with a nav pane on the left, emails in the middle and a reading/preview pane on the right.

In Calendar, I have a nav pane on the left, that has two months date calendar up to, then options to view other people’s calendars at the bottom and a std 5day work week on the right for meetings.

Since yesterday, I cannot get either left hand pane in mail or calendar to expand all the way to bottom. I can scroll through all my folders, they just don’t go to the bottom of the page because there is a white box there now which I just can’t get rid of.

It’s not a pin issue, or expanding folders, I can do all that but it’s just that the nav pane doesn’t use all the real estate available.

Opened in Safe Mode and it looks fine. Tried looking at Add Ins but they’re all admin locked. I’ve tried all the ‘change view’ options and that makes no difference.

Any Ideas?

There used to be an option called cleanviews or something if you search for it, but it does reset them and you need to start them again so be careful.

I know that this is such an IT thing to say (and I work in IT) but have you tried just rebooting your PC?

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Cheers mate, will have a look.

Yes, rebooted a couple of times. We had a power cut yesterday which required one and I power down completely each night.

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Tried that and got exactly the same result. Don’t worry, I’ll log a ticket. (so should be fixed by Xmas!)

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Ok, was worth a try.

I’m amazed. Helpdesk just called and fixed it! Turns out it was a Win 10 upgrade issue and a program called ‘Syncpoint’. All fixed in options.

I suppose I have to work now!