Podcasts - watcha listening to?

Did a quick search and I couldn’t find a topic about podcasts so thought I’d start one. We’ve all mentioned good ones in various locations but we can consolidate here.

Really getting into various episodes of Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast. He has some really good guests. The three that have stood out for me so far
Ep 169 - Dr Gabor Mate - that’s a tough subject but goodness me it’s interesting
Ep 163 - Dr Kristin Neff - a very relevant subject to me and so interesting to hear about her studies
Ep 167 - Dr Tommy Wood - probably most relevant to this crowd and very interesting discussion. And a couple of digs at ironman training programmes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And if you’re in touch with your feminine side the Fortunately podcast is a good giggle.


I like listening to the Trainer Road series, plenty to take away despite not using the TR app

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I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ podcasts, since getting a pair of Aftershockz headphones (the bone conducting ones) and generally only listenn to them when I’m running. I found it a bit daunting starting so late when there seems to be 100+ past episodes and really not sure where to start.

But so far I’ve done Serial series one (and and then watched the Netflix series on the same subject) and my go to is Off Menu with James Acaster & Ed Gamble.

I tried Athlectico Mince, but it didn’t grab me.

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Exactly how I feel. So I’ve steered well clear of Rich Roll and the like. Braving Rangan’s was a big step but funnily enough started with his interview of Rich Roll.

I also enjoy Ned and David’s podcast when they put out episodes. It’s just that their sound quality is terrible so jumps too much from really loud to really quiet.

Not a big podcast fan, but I do really enjoy Stuff You Should Know.

I listen to loads of Podcasts, so much that it can be a bit difficult to keep up but some my favourites are:

99% invisible - All about the design that goes in to many things we overlook like how did postboxes end up with their design, unusual building designs that had hidden secrets (City Corps Tower NYC on of my faves), how did the ‘missing children’ thing end up on milk containers
Criminal: Weird crime stories about murders, kidnappings and other interesting stories about how people were found, convicted, falsely imprissioned, etc)
The Empire Film Podcast - Presented by the magazine writers, I just really like these guys and films!
No Such Thing as a Fish - QI random facts in podcast form
The Real Science of Sport Podcast
The Weekly Planet - Two australian comic book nerds that really make me laugh. Mostly focused on films and TV around Marvel/DC/Godzilla Monsterverse etc but all areas of general comic fantasy


Really depends what you’re into…

I generally get through 10-12 a week.

Shagged, Married, Annoyed and My Dad Wrote a Porno are both hilarious, and mainstream.

I usually go through a handful of rugby podcasts too, give me a prod if you need any recommendations.

That aside, few work related ones, Oxygen Addict and occasionally the Greg Bennett show.

Oh, and the Peter Crouch podcast is generally a giggle!


I listen to loads of podcasts. Some are tri related but there’s another thread for that. Really wish the original “age grouper” podcast would come back though- love those guys.

But non-tri I enjoy the usual suspects eg football weekly and the now show.

But actually I enjoy far more SMA (as mentioned above), Lockdown Parenting, Wolf and Owl and How did this get made, a podcast that is really funny if you happen to have seen the shite film they are trashing. I once rewatched “Great Wall” just so I could do the podcast trashing justice…

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I clearly listen to way too many. Subscribed to 48 shows! Don’t listen to every episode of them all though:

  • Trained (Nike)
  • High Performance = Jake Humphries/Damian Hughes interviewing people at the top of their field, mostly sporting but some not. Recommend +++
  • Winning Mentality = Similar to above
  • Modern Wisdom
  • Future Perfect
  • The Week Unwrapped + Guardian today in focus + BBC More or Less = News
  • Happiness Lab with Dr Laurrie Santos + Ten Percent Happier
  • James O’Brien Mystery Hour

Others a mix of sports medicine/physio ones, some medical education or health, or triathlon ones as covered before.
Used to listen to Rangan Chatterjee but now only listen to the bitesize episodes.


It’s here:

No change since then really although I’m listening to oxygen addict this morning for variety, A Return To Swimming

As noted on that thread - search terms and I’m talking more general than triathlon podcasts. There is life beyond tri - as most of this forum shows :wink:

My dad did write a pornographic novel, unpublished but all my friends read the draft. Some teens say their dad is embarrassing, but they just don’t know of which they speak.



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off topic but what did he say?

Mostly about the training load and impossible to balance it with real life. And it will probably end in divorce. Made me chuckle.


will listen, I suppose for some that is correct but people massively overestimate how little you can actually get away with if just having fun is your goal

That’s the point the guy was trying to make. No need to have a 30 hour per week training programme on top of a full time job when the only competition is yourself. It’s a good discussion around the psychology of training load and what the actual benefits are or aren’t.


I listened to the Simon Ward podcast this week about the endurance athletes heart, talking with a cardiologist that specialises in cardiology for endurance athlete.

Some interesting points, although I’ve heard others from a similar field with slightly differing views, but he seems to think that 8-10 hours of exercise PW is about the sweet spot, but it does depend on what else is going on in your life, other stressors.

Family history is one of the key ones, and unfortunately my father had problems :frowning: , so I’m hoping I’ve inherited my mothers genetics, I’ve certainly got her sweet tooth :joy:


Bottom line, everyone is different :rofl:

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Yes, but the general gist is that the training we are doing is undoubtedly good for us!

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