Whatever your stance on Brexit, this Supreme Court ruling really throws the cat amongst the pigeons more widely!

Not quite sure how BoJo can retain any sense of authority when he, as PM, has now been found unanimously to have lied to Parliament and the Queen. Interesting times ahead. Messed up times, but interesting nonetheless…

Tempted to flag this topic :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure how BoJo can claim any sort of authority now that he’s leading a minority government anyway!

Clearly he’s hoping that he can force a general election and that will win him an outright majority and an implied mandate for a no deal Brexit, but I’m not so sure. I can see it just resulting in another hung parliament with no one having a clear mandate for anything :thinking:

Its interesting as they said he didn’t proprogue correctly and its null and void but NOT that he couldn’t do it.

I’d bet he will wait a few days and then do it all over again with clearer justification and suggest that if they don’t like it, they have a recourse which is to call a vote of no-confidence, which of course they don’t want to do.

Interesting gamesmanship - trying to force someone to resign, and take over parliament without an election, but without using the specific mechanism in law to do it. The fact is that the opposition can do nothing except call an election as that’s the only way to change a government - you can’t call shotgun and grab the front row the house and claim you bagsied it (even though it would be highly amusing to atch them try it).

And the date gets ever closer …

More widely, I’m pretty disappointed with the Lib Dems ‘Revoke Article 50’ stance; I think that could really backfire. They’ve pretty much lost my vote based on that :man_facepalming:

I suspect he will say “Ooops, didnt know, respect the courts yadda yadda”. The prorogue it again just before the October deadline. Either that or he will try goading Corbyn into an election. He could of course launch a vote of no confidence in himself to trigger an election.

Election tomorrow who would you vote for? They are all a crock of shit. Corbyn is mental, BoJo is well nothing to say, lib dems have little actual chance of forming a government, especially as they have ruled out coalition with Corbyn.

As for BoJO having lied. I am shocked, shocked that there is gambling in here.

At least 17.4 million will vote for BoJo as the only politician to make even the slightest attempt to leave and I suspect a lot of the party faithful will do so as they won’t want Corbyn to get in. Plus some of the Leave voting Labour supporters who know a vote for Labour will get them nowhere.

I don’t think even the local cinemas here do bags of popcorn big enough for this one …

The issue here is whether you want elected or non elected people calling the shots…

You mean like un-elected BoJo?

…and while we’re at it, let’s ignore any laws of the land as that silver spoon gives the right of lying and cheating your way to the PM role - morally bankrupt disgrace, as anyone who (still) supports the clown :frowning:

ps …ooooooops, should I be posting this on rant rant rant heh heh

I guess the supreme court agree with you, the government must let the elected parliament have a say. Now you can argue that some in the elected parliament would be happy for non-elected EU officials to call the shots, while others would prefer non-elected British government advisers to run the show. About the only thing we can agree is that it is a mess.

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i assume he was voted in by the constituents he represents?

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I think that was aimed at the Supreme Court. But the whole point of the Courts is that they are supposed to be neutral.

supporting the view that it is not that the liberal left are supportive of the poor and disadvantaged, but that they just hate the rich :slight_smile:


True, I meant as PM.

Not sure the UK has ever voted specifically for a PM…17 of the last 28 were apparently similar to Booris and Brown job…

Yeah, fatuous argument since you’ve never had the opportunity in living memory, in the UK to vote for a President of the House of Commons. Its the kind of argument people who dont like facts use.

Parliament has had two years of ‘having a say’ and got nowhere though.

When you outsource much of the decision making process, you end up with people who are unskilled and unaccustomed to making big decisions…