POLL: Do you live in the Dark Ages and have "Spare Change"?

Are you afraid of change? In a literal and physical sense.
Or, do you hoard coppers like a Viking king?

Take part in my poll, and let us find out just how many Luddites frequent this forum…

  • I have a box of change
  • I may have some spare change
  • What are coins?

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Our kids use cash; too young for bank cards obviously. Until there’s a solution for this, then cash will be useful.

I actually have a bag of coins, mostly 50p but also some £1 & £2, the collectable ones, got a few decent ones but not Kew gardens unfortunately. And it’s very hard to get change now.

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Erm, GoHenry?

There are TONNES of solutions out there

I often use cash at the small shop just around the corner. I’m often just buying some bread or something like that so I try and use the correct change. The pot is decreasing though, slowly working through it.

Whenever I get some change it goes into a box in my car for parking; still a lot of parking machines (especially in the Lakes, Peak etc) that don’t take cards

Got a free lunch at work a few weeks ago.

Spent £9.45

The bastards gave me 9!! Actual bloody pound coins back to me. Ffs

Apart from that I’ve not used physical cash in months. I was reminding myself I need a fiver for the day license at Helvellyn

We use GoHenry (11 yr old daughter) and it makes things really easy. We get to see where & when she spends anything with it. Her birthday is coming up and family can put money on to it if they want. She also makes use of the save function for somethings she really wants.


the last time I used cash was for a parking meter about 2 months ago - before then I can’t remember when. I was just lucky I had some £1 coins on me at the time. I think I have a few notes and about 20p in change in a drawer - that’s it.

I had to withdraw some notes 2 days ago to pay a plumber for some work - typically for a tradesman, they still prefer cash.

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When I first got into procurement about 25yrs ago, I was given a cute desk top wheelie bin from a cleaning company. Meant to be for pens. I’ve used that for my change box as long as I can remember.

£1&£2 coins don’t go in there though, they are just put by the car keys. Post COVID, there has been very little use for any of it. A little bit for the odd car park, that’s all.

very rarley use cash for anything. Only time i used it since Covid was because daughter got cash monies for her bday.

I get very annoyed if i go to a car park that needs coins in this day and age.

I would say i’m likley to use cash less than 1% of the time in the next year.

I saved £3453 in pound coins in 2017?

Used them at Xmas … did it for a few years but that was the biggest haul.

Don’t do it anymore.

Still lots of change about the place

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Starbucks tried that with me once and I refused. They said they didn’t have any £10 notes and I pointed out that the guy two places ahead of me just gave them one. Amazingly, they found it!

No idea what Go Henry is, so the solutions are not immediately obvious. Not heard of any other kids/friends using cash alternatives.

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ha ha ha - I always check before they start work.
All of the ones we’ve used in the past three years have been happy with BACS.

but he works in banking innit.

(tbf i did get onto Curve as a result of one of his random posts, and that’s been great for me. Had never even heard of an aggregate card before that!!)

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Do you even read MumsNet or parenting magazines?
Or are you all too busy making dens and having actual fun?


Yeah i think this is quite old fashioned. Was chatting with a mate of mine who gets very fed up with people thinking that they can get a ‘deal’ if they offer him cash. He does everything by the books, so it’s just a hassle getting rid of the physical money.

Okay…having just checked my cycling wallet, I have a few pound coins.

The jet wash machine at the top of the road only takes pound coins - on a mucky ride when I can’t be bothered to clean my winter bike, I’ll just give it a hose down there.

So I do have some change

Box of change me and my partner has been saving for over a year with all change going in. Reckon only has about £10-20 in there.
Agree only time I’ve used cash in past year is car parks, and every time I have none on me and trying to find a shop to get some.