POLL: Vaccination

Following the news of the approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, who’s going to get vaccinated (assuming you have been given the right to have one)??

Vaccination Poll
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure yet
  • Will wait for other approvals 1st

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I’ve answered yes on the basis I’ll have whichever one I’m offered but don’t think it will end up being this one.
From what they were saying on TV this morning, it has to be stored at -70C and comes in canisters of 500 doses that have to be used all at once as soon as the canister is opened. They seemed to think the 800,000 doses of this one that we have would be used for major city centre hospital staff where they can get 500 people all in the same place.
The rest of us may have to wait for the Oxford one with fewer logistical issues.

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I think by the time that many of us get the approval to have a vaccination, there will be at least 3 vaccines approved - which one each of us gets is a question that needs to be answered as I haven’t seen any info on that. it could be different vaccines are given to different risk categories, or could be down to a national decision, or price based - who knows?

the poll is intended just to get a feel for what people think

As someone just clinging onto their mid thirties I haven’t put much thought into a vaccine. Pretty low down on the priority order I should imagine

Yes, even as a M50 I think there’s likely to be 15 million or more in front of me.

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Same here, we’re 10th of the 11 categories, the 11th being “Everyone else”


975, they’re known as pizza boxes :joy:



Guess my wife will be pushed to get it though, working frontline NHS. Don’t know if she is for/against it tbh. She’s been pretty agnostic about all of this and just gets on with her life/job without getting sucked in to all the debate etc. She doesn’t sit all day online reading articles and talking crap with wannabe trafleets about it. She’s proper busy (not a spreadsheet w*nker [as she affectionately refers to my job]) like me! :rofl:


Mine too, her position is, as the MHRA approved it then she’ll get it. I’m not one of the priority cohorts, so it won’t even be offered until some point next Spring/Summer

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TBH it may even be required as part of their licenses to continue practise/work in the setting (or whatever equivalent bodies they are represented by).


I’ll get it when it’s offered. Which will probably be 2022. I will encourage my parents to get it as well and hopefully that will be early 2021.

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I will take it, though I am not that bothered, after all with Myeloma, a bug of some description (eg pneumonia) is I understand a common cause of death. So covid is just another bug that could end me.

That said I understand the importance of halting transmission to others (though I am not sure if all covid vaccines will be able to do that), hence will take it.

But truthfully I am not that fussed. If I had the money (and in a post covid world opportunity) to freely travel, I would be trying to get doctors to give me a yellow fever vaccination (which I can’t have on current treatment). That matters more to me than the covid jab.


I’ll take it. I work in the NHS and they sent round an initial sign up form yesterday

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I’ll have any they offer me.
The 70% one is better than nowt.


Assuming everyone who needs it gets it, I’m happy to stand at the back of the queue and wait a year or whatever; much like Flu vaccinations (never had that vax either). I barely know anyone who’s even tested positive for COVID; I follow the rules, I wash my hands and don’t sneeze over people or lick their kids. That seems to work :tipping_hand_man:

For the record I have had vaccinations for tropical diseases and the like for work reasons, but to me, this isn’t a wolf banging at the door.


I’ll take it, not because I am worrried about Corona Virus, but because it requires a high percentage of the population to be vaccinated to eradicate/control this disease


Not against it, but would prefer to be at the back of the queue; I would want to see some evidence of the effect.

Also terrified of needles.


You won’t eradicate it; we’ll just live with it like other viruses.

hear what you’re saying and to an extent agree, but if the majority get vaccinated it will help control the disease. I also want to get vaccinated as I’d like to start travelling into Europe again and it might be mandatory to have some sort of vax certificate to do so (although nothing in any plans yet). for us International TOs it might help us get to Euro events easier under World Triathlon rules

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If it stopped me travelling, of course I’d get it. The in-laws live in Scotland :rofl: :thinking: