Power bills

We also had to unplug the aerial in case we had a lightening strike. If it was actually thundering we had to cover all the mirrors and put all the cutlery away. My parents are still mentally ill.


My grandparents aerial was struck by lightening and the TV caught fire. They used to quite often have chimney fires which grandad use to calmly put out with wet sacks.

Guess when you’ve narrowly missed death multiple times in WW2 house fire aint that scary.

Putting the cutlery away in a thunderstorm is odd though


On my parents road there was a nearby lightening strike and it did fry all the virgin media boxes to several houses. I’ll take the risk not unplugging mine every night.

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One of the weirds things I do is this:

For my MacBook I have two mains power cables, one upstairs that is mostly unplugged unless I’m in bed and one in the lounge room that is permanently plugged in.

Every time I remove the magnetic connector downstairs, the cable just flops on the floor. I ALWAYS make sure the open mag connector points up from the carpet. It makes zero sense, even to me but I can’t stop doing it. :smile: :see_no_evil:


Lightning strike on the closest electricity pole to us took out our 100A main fuse, the sky box and heating controller, mac wasn’t plugged in, luckily everything else survived. Neighbours had plugs blown out of the wall socket apparently, that was fun.


Hmm, that’s weird. Just had Octopus energy door knocking the street asking for details so they can send quotes when my contract expires.


Tell em to FRO.
Keep yer tentacles in the sea, ya barnacle crusties

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Oh I did, in a polite way. Just thought it was a bit weird.

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They did that on my old road. Had to politely point out I was already a customer :roll_eyes:


talking of door knockers, we had 2 young ladies knock on my sister’s door (where we’re living at the mo) the other day asking whether we’d support the teaching of British Sign Language in local schools. well, yes, I said but as we don’t live here permanently (and sis was out) I’m not sure whether we could help much.

You answer the door to unexpected people? Like a madman.


Wow, black & white TV in the early 90s really is something :rofl:

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I’ve got two FRO stickers on my door. Works pretty well.