Private Medical and Dental Insurers


Can anyone recommend providers?

My new employer has decided that I can’t have these because I missed the deadline when I was off sick with Covid. :roll_eyes:. Dental will be mostly to cover my teenagers braces, medical - we pander to every foible our kids think they are dying of, and the mental health support lines would be good.


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I have had experience of Vitality and Axa. Vitality had a lot of extra benefits, especially for sporty people as you get cinema tickets etc if you reach steps or do exercise. But when it comes to claims, rubbish.

With Axa now and they have been very good. Takes a little while to answer the phone but I have no trouble with claims, and they gave me 20 physio sessions instead of 10 because they have been so bad at answering the phone.

From what you mention though some things you will need closely at with regards to the cover. The mental health cover is for over 18s only. Wasnt sure if you mean it for yourself or your kids.

Im not sure many dental plans cover orthodontics either, unless it meats the same criteria as the NHS - which basically means only if it causes issues, not for cosmetic reasons. That may have only been my plan.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Aviva and the 3rd party rehab services when my back ops were happening. It was via my job at Ericsson but I thought they were very good.

Some years ago now though.


I have Vitality through work. Very happy with it. Only really needed it twice, both times had a video GP call within 48 hours. Got MRI on knee plus consultation for £100 excess.
Get £100 off Garmin device every 3 years, Plus cinema tickets for activities.


How about pricing?

I tried a quote from Vitality no expectations but significantly more than I would’ve paid through my employer.

I had them both through employer so no idea Im afraid.

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I’m afraid you’re always going to pay more by yourself than you would through an employer. The employer has the portfolio benefit of a much bigger pool of people, so the young, fit people who never make a claim subsidise the oldies and the hypochondriacs :roll_eyes:


I guess I should have titled it Privately Paid For Private Medical Insurance :laughing:

Yeah, this. I don’t think you’re ever going to get anywhere near a corporate policy on which you’ll likely only be incurring the tax on the BIK. Even at the pre-tax price they might show on your payslip / P11D, as Whisk says, the company are splitting the total cost over a whole host of employees.

I used to use my bupa outpatient allowance at my last job pretty regularly. I’d hazard a guess that 75% of the head office probably forgot they were even paying for it. I was getting the benefit of them contributing to my (and the other 25%'s) cover costs


Any recommendations as to whether it’s worth adding my daughter (16 months old) to my work health insurance policy? I’m in my annual benefits window to update things. Closes end of tomorrow.

I regularly use my for physio and the like, and have on occasion over the years used it for other things. However, anything urgent is still just got to A&E.

Self cover only is £38pm in terms of my tax charge. It’s £57pm if I add children (my fiancée has her own cover through her job), so about £19pm for my daughter. I just can’t decide if there would ever actually be anything we want to claim for her whilst she was little. Wouldn’t everything largely be through A&E / NHS paediatric departments? Or am I missing something that could crop up (even if very remote) that would be much better served by private, like physio is as an adult?

There will be much more savvy people than I on here (yourself included), but I can’t see what you would use for a very young child.

Only thing I can imagine would be something like going for fancier versions of orthodontist/braces type stuff. Or if she needed glasses and you wanted fancier ones than the ‘free’ ones they’d be offered.

Tbh the best benefit for a little one, if you have access, is probably the 24/7 helplines where you get a very quick callback from a GP to talk about non emergency stuff.

True. But Grandad is a GP :joy:


One main benefit we got from having the kids on was mental health. My daughter got to see a psychiatrist whose report we submitted to the exam board for extra time and that also then got her 10 sessions of counselling. That would have cost a good few hundred quid.

If they happened to need an operation for anything then you could get that privately and would mean shorter waiting times and a nice place. When I was young my parents had it and I had my adenoids removed at a private place.

Im not sure glasses and orthodontics would be covered so worth checking your policy details.

Im not sure if I will take it in the new job, currently our vitality policy costs me about £100/month in tax. Just not sure we are getting value


Son had his tonsils out on my policy - would have waited years on the NHS


My answer would be pretty much the same as @GRamsay.
I didn’t add my son or Mrs J to my cover for years as we always took the view anything important would be done on NHS, especially for kids.
When Mrs J had her gall stones and related problems the waiting list to have her gall bladder out was 2 years and it took months to get the various tests done to get to that point.
I added them both after that as, in my opinion, the NHS is so up sh1t creek at the moment that you can’t rely on them anymore, for anything other than emergency care.
My son has since had some counselling for anxiety which I’m not sure he’d have got on the NHS and Mrs J is having ongoing tests/treatment for her issues.
In summary, for £19, I’d pay it just in case you ever need it, at which point it’s worth it’s weight in gold.


There’s always something wrong with at least two of my family so I got it across the family.

Only person who never claims anything is…me. Surprise surprise.

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We are overhauling our provider services at work as AXA was pretty :poop: admin wise. So keen to hear who is good so I can make a recommendation as part of the procurement panel.


When I had Axa they were pretty good at approving stuff, once you had got through to them. Thats the important part, they were a nightmare to get through to.

With Vitality now, much easier to get hold of people, phone is answered within a couple of minutes, Axa was measured in hours. Not had a big claim with them but didnt quible a small one. The P11D value is a fair chunk higher, our HR tried to justify this by saying it had all these rewards, some of which have fallen away so not sure its worth the extra.

We use Westfield Health. No idea how their offering stacks up, but they have been perfect when i’ve used them. Easy to set up, as well as easy to add my wife. Payments come through in a day or two after a very easy receipt upload process. Can’t comment much further than that though; but colleagues have used their 24/7 doctor line and said that it was very good.

Does anyone have experience with Dental Insurance? As it now seems impossible to get an NHS dentist, I’m going to have to take the plunge and feel like I’m pushing my luck having not had a dentist since I moved a year ago (previously had regular treatment thanks to hereditary crap teeth made of talcum powder).

Have previously had basic cover through work, but that only really reimbursed NHS costs, so not any use anymore and current role doesn’t offer anything in any event. I guess I’m looking a monthly premium to add to my growing list of subscriptions, but anything to look out for?

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