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Yeah, but Lance is a huge topic that was bubbling away for years, and there is little scope for ST sleuthing!

I think it’s gone downhill (from a useful info. point of view) since the cull in October. Whilst some of the individuals clearly had issues (Coggan, Pubes etc) they did generate some of the better debates that tweezed out some good discussion between the bullsh1t.

Yeh bit CP20 isn’t FTP and FTP isn’t FTP and CP5 isn’t CP20 and 0.95 factor ratios - round and round and round, got boring.

Has Kiley been gone that long? He roused some interesting debates, but was a bit of an attention seeking brat at the same time - a bit like The Real Starky (remember him!). They were good at first, but then disappeared up their own tailpipes :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing that always surprised me the most about Coggan (apart from how narky he could get) was how he used to distance himself from the book he wrote. Almost every time it was quoted he seemed to say “Hunter wrote that bit”

Yeh, he made a guest appearance on the bike fit YouTube thing they did a couple months back so he’s clearly still in the gang. It was interesting putting faces/personalities to forum posts (Slowman, Desert Dude, Kiley, and a couple of others) but it got a bit bogged down in what is/isn’t orthodoxy)

Like most things in life, orthodoxy is basically ‘history repeating’. High hands is nothing new for example; Tri Bars were originally designed to mimic a downhill skiers’ position. If we look back at early 90s Kona footage, Allen et al are sporting pretty high hands…

“You run over someone’s dog, you stop and apologize. If this dog had been mine, I would’ve chased you in the car, cut you off, and beaten the fucking shit out of you. You wouldn’t have been able to do shit for a month or more b/c your face would be hamburger. You’re a fucking bastard as far as I am concerned. ”


There was at least one about carrying a gun while training :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m sure it was optimised for aero!


There was a whole thread on it years ago.
And the holsters they used for aeroness.
Absolute nutcases. (Not Americans, Slowtwitchers)

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this was discussed on pathetic triathletes (I’m not a member by “Dan” is) and I trolled them about living in a civilised culture and such. It’s also been on some ultra groups . They are all fucking nuts.

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The other thing he always did was distance himself from Training Peaks. Anyone asked him about that and he would say I dont work there, never have, nothing to do with me. Despite being a principle consultant for them

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Wasn’t there a classic ST thread about someone taking a comfort break on the bike, but it was number 2 and not a number 1?


Not a juicy one, but they seem to get far more Testosterone/doping threads on ST. The stuff seems way more accessible over there…


How long before anti-ageing drugs become more prevalent here?

I just can’t read beyond the first sentence let alone the first post:

“…given by their naturopath. ”

What the fuck is a naturopath? (Rhetorical question) They all deserve each other over there.

Tired during IM training.
Well boo-fucking-hoo


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They’ve got a thread in this, which is hilarious. Old guy marathon cheater story.


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He learned the mat placements.
They hunted him down real good

Ah man that’s a long thread!!! I skipped pages 2 through 43 and still got the gist of it. Glad to see Derek weigh in at the end and write a piece on it