Racing 2 Consecutive Days

In an attempt at self flagellation to shock me into training and losing weight autumn/winter I’ve entered a couple of sprints on Saturday pm & Sunday am next weekend.
The Saturday one has a bit of a party afterwards so I’m camping and going straight to the Sunday one from there. I won’t be drinking heavily but will probably have a couple of beers Saturday night.
Any tips for stretching, foam rolling, salt intake, ibuprofen etc. as I generally try not to run on consecutive days so looking to minimise any injury risk.

I did an Olympic followed by a sprint once. Not too difficult, just keep moving in the evening, enough food and drink just not too much.

Putting on wet kit the next day is pretty unpleasant, but day 2 was rainy anyway, so the whole pre-race was pretty miserable. Luckily I had a faster teammate to chase on the bike or I might have stayed in Olympic pace, and the run probably wasn’t much quicker than the previous day.

But DOMS didn’t hit until Monday, easier to do 2 consecutive days than have a middle rest day.

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Oh well, best laid plans and all that.
Completed race on Saturday afternoon to find out swim had been cancelled for Sunday race and it was to be a duathlon instead. I don’t like duathlons and the thought of doing 3 runs in 24 hours didn’t fill me with joy so I sacked it off and hit the beers at the post race party instead. Maybe next year.


Doesn’t sound like a bad outcome!

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