Random 2.0 Discussion

It’s not officially a nickname, it’s your ‘salutation’ but the admins can do custom ones. Mine hasn’t changed in a while…

How to add a topic?

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easy, read some posts, reply to others and after a very short time your trust level goes up and you can start to add your own topics


Something has changed with the TT logo at the top, it’s bigger than it was last week and it’s pushing the text off the page.

Yeah we were discussing that on another thread the other night. An update was installed to the forum software and when it came back the logo was much bigger.

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Aye it could do with a crop n trim that logo :wink:


not a question, a backup failed, due to diskspace, thought oh shit not another expensive server upgrade, so i created an S3 bucket and backups now go to that rather than locally. i have 42GB now free of the 78GB we have for “apps”. I do need 28GB for the backups to complete though (it creates backup of 14GB, then gzips it to another near 14GB file, then uploads that to the S3 Bucket and deletes it all) but that’s plenty for now!


Anyone else found the font size just on TT has changed recently? Looks small to me but I haven’t changed any settings.

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Not noticed anything myself on samsung

No nothing has changed for me. On phone or laptop

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Sounds like a Specsavers trip is in order


New phone? Or new OS upgrade?
Sometimes happen to me.
Then goes right after a few days.

My Motorola has been trying to install Android 12 for ages, but it never works, so I ignore the update reminders now.

On the 3 bars top right, I used to able to click ‘unread’ to get all unread posts in any Cat. It’s gone now & I have to click ‘Topics’ then ‘unread’ at the top of the page in each & repeat to read every new post.

Has it changed or have I fudged it up & can get it back?

Do you not have that box on left. Its always been there. Im guessing an update “streamlined” it from the drop down

or just this on “desktop” version

Not a fan of DIY, gardening or work eh @Hammerer?


Yes I have that but once you click on a post you are at the bottom of the page so it’s not easy to get back to.

I dont know, i just click on the TT logo and it takes me back